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Malaysian Tribes & Island Conservation (2013)

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28 days

Experience Malaysia`s pristine environments. Help collect vital camera trap data with the local Rainforest communities and then learn to dive, protect corals and magnificent sea turtles. Perfect for any budding young conservationists!
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    It was identified a need to give a voice to the indigenous tribes of Peninsular Malaysia (Orang Asli). They have for too long been a neglected community still living in a back to basics way whilst major cities in Malaysia hurtle on in modernisation and development. Local operators came together to look at setting up camera traps in jungle surrounding the villages and to study the wildlife. They use local knowledge to survey the jungles. This volunteer project helps put this community into the tourism brochures and by doing so highlights the value this community has to conservation and responsible tourism.

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    First Wednesday of every month: 02-Jan-13 06-Feb-13 06-Mar-13 03-Apr-13 01-May-13 05-Jun-13 03-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 04-Sep-13 02-Oct-13 06-Nov-13 04-Dec-13

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