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Tour style - Rail Adventures

19 days

A steppe in the right direction! Complete the full Trans Mongolian Railway and spend a week of your itinerary discovering the wilderness of Mongolia, learning about the nomadic way of life and while you are there you will assist with efforts to maintain the environmental stability of the region's most precious asset, water.
  • Day 1& -& Arrive Moscow

  • Day 2& -& Moscow -& Choose your own adventure by day and by night visit one of Moscow's many bars or enjoy a live band

  • Day 3& -& Moscow& and depart for Irkutsk

  • Day 4-6& -& Trans Siberian Railway: Watch the scenery change as we pass from Europe in Asia across the Urals

  • Day 7& -& Arrive Irkutsk and to Lake Baikal -& Pack a towel and a lunch box and head to the shores

  • Day 8& -& To Irkutsk and depart for Ulaanbaatar -Time to bargain at the Central market for fresh produce for your onward train journey

  • Day 9& -& Trans Mongolian Railway

  • Day& 10&

    Arrive Ulaanbaatar - Make a wish at the Gandan Hiid Monastery before enjoying a traditional Mongolian BBQ

  • Day& 11-12& -& To Terelj National Park: Journey out to Terelj to enjoy life and meals with the nomads. Learn the process of making some of Mongolia’s culinary delights, how they manage their livestock, join in playing games of ankle bones. Each night you will sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger.

  • Day 13-14& -& Terelj National Park Conservation Project: A nomadic lifestyle trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a go at milking your own cow so this morning you will learn the technique. Afterwards, we learn the Mongolian art of archery (one of the 3 'manly' sports of Mongolia).

  • After lunch, you will assist the Ger to Ger Foundation’s efforts to maintain the environmental stability of the region’s most precious asset – it’s water.

  • Day 15& -& Terelj National Park and return to Ulaanbaatar -& A morning at leisure before the ox cart or horse ride back to Terelj village and back to the city.

  • Day 16& -& Depart Ulaanbaatar to Beijing

  • Day 17& -& Arrive Beijing

    Indulge in the delicious Chinese food, including Peking duck and hot pot.

  • Day 18& -& Beijing

    Journey out to the Great Wall or chill out at the 798 Art space full of small boutique shops, modern art and sculpture and mind blowing installations.

  • Day 19& -& Beijing

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