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Ruski Huski

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Tour style - Rail Adventures

17 days

Think snow, big furry Moscow hats, temperatures well below zero, oh and probably some vodka too! The Ruski Huski is a special winter itinerary that apart from the usual basics also includes some added value winter activities such as dog sledding in Siberia and a Mongolian cookery class.
  • Day 1& -& Arrival Beijing

    Meet your Honcho and start exploring.

  • Day 2& -& Beijing

    See the Great Wall covered in snow, check out Tiananmen Square and& visit the bustling night markets.

  • Day 3& -& Morning departure to Ulaanbaatar on the Trans Mongolian Railway.

  • Day 4& -& Early afternoon arrival in Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 5& -& Venture out to& Terelj& National Park and Ger camp.

  • Day 6& -& Terelj National Park and Ger camp

    Get up early to enjoy the views.

  • Day 7& -& Return to Ulaanbaatar and evening departure to Irkutsk.

  • Day 8& -& Trans Mongolian Railway

    Make some new friends.

  • Day 9& -& Morning arrival in Irkutsk and head out to Lake Baikal.

  • Day 10& -& Lake Baikal

    Are you brave enough to walk on the ice?

  • Day 11& -& Lake Baikal

    Dog sledding and some other winter fun!

  • Day 12& -& Return to Irkutsk for an early evening departure to Moscow.

  • Day 13-15& -& Trans Siberian Railway.

  • Day 16& -& Early morning arrival in Moscow

    Toast your journey in Red Square

  • Day 17& -& Moscow

    Farewell to your group and continue exploring.

  • Your honcho can organise these snowy winter activities and more…

  • Skijoring – Sounds crazy, maybe it is, or maybe it will be the highlight of your trip. It’s simple, just snap on a couple of skis, harness yourself to a few speedy dogs and yell out Davai! (Russian for “go”). Then hold on for your life as you carve across snowy Siberian fields at speeds very few have ever experienced. Sure beats a day at the office!

  • Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing & snowmobiling!

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