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Teach Sports in India (2013)

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15 days

This volunteering experience takes you to the beautiful region of Kerala. Here you will help teach the eager kids a range of sports including cricket, football, netball and tennis.
  • Summary

    Travel to the beautiful port city of Kochi in the Southern state of Kerala and help teach children a range of different sports including football, netball, cricket, tennis and athletics. Sports play an important role in child development boosting confidence and encouraging healthy living. Working in a local school you will make a positive difference and bring great joy to the lives of the children. Through the medium of sport you will help to develop English and team working skills. The aim is for you to work with teachers, local communities and GVI staff to run sports projects at the schools and to give more personal attention to the students. Without this project or volunteer assistance, the children would not have the opportunity to take part in such a variety of sports activities and events, due to lack of equipment, skill and supervision. Outside of project work Kochi provides ample opportunity to explore and experience Indian culture. Experience traditional Kathakali dance, visit exotic spice markets and sample delicious local cuisine. Focus for the sport is very much on planning/ running various sports lessons and games. This includes football, cricket, athletics, basketball etc. Note that the school is long established (since 1994) and follows set curriculum which volunteers should respect. Local teachers/GVI staff will be on hand to help and can prepare lesson plans together with volunteers. Not necessary to have any previous teaching experience, all training provided onsite. For the sports project volunteers need to have a passion for sports and a good level of fitness. On Tuesday and Thursday Morning volunteers will be teaching Sports Theory- nutrition, healthy lifestyle etc.

  • Departure Days

    12Jan13 - 14n, 28n, 42n 26Jan13 - 14n, 28n 09Feb13 - 14n 01Jun13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 15Jun13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 29Jun13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 13Jul13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 27Jul13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 10Aug13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 24Aug13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 07Sep13 - 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 21Sep13 - 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n, 84n 05Oct13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n, 70n 19Oct13 - 14n, 28n, 42n, 56n 02Nov13 - 14n, 28n, 42n 16Nov13 - 14n, 28n 30Nov13 - 14n

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