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The Genghis Khan

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15 days

Just because you are a bit tight on time it doesn't mean you have to miss out on a Trans Mongolian adventure! Delve into history in Moscow, experience traditional Mongolian hospitality at a ger camp and try exotic delicacies at the Beijing night markets. Hit three countries and do all this in two weeks - now that's what we call an adventure!
  • Day 1& -& Arrive Beijing

    meet your new travel buddies and Honcho!

  • Day 2& -& Beijing

    Ride a bicycle around to get an idea of the scale of the city, or travel by metro to grasp the density of the population.

  • Day 3& -& Morning departure of Ulaanbaatar

    All aboard the Trans Mongolian Railway!

  • Day 4& -& Afternoon arrival into Ulaanbaatar

    check out this quirky capital.

  • Day 5& -& Head out to Terelj National Park and Ger Camp

    Relax in the fresh air and sample some nomadic delicacies.

  • Day 6& -& Terelj National Park

    Climb Turtle Rock or play some pool with the locals in the wilderness.

  • Day 7& -& Ger camp and return to Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 8& -& Ulaanbaatar

    Get a great view of the town from the Zaisan Memorial or mingle with monks at the Gaandan Khiid Monastery.

  • Day 9& -& Ulaanbaatar and afternoon departure for Moscow

    Settle into life opn board.

  • Day 10& -& Trans Mongolian Railway

    Cross the border to Russia and watch the landscapes change as you enter Siberia.

  • Day 11-12& -& Trans Siberian Railway

    Spend time with the locals, exchange stories and share food in the dining car!

  • Day 13& -& Early afternoon arrival into Moscow and start exploring.

  • Day 14& -& Moscow

    Get lost in the maze of little streets in Kuznetsky and discover old Moscow

  • Day 15& -& Moscow

    End your journey and farewell your new friends. &

  • Please note that due to rail schedules departures from& Jun – Nov 2015 & 2016 have 1 less night in Beijing and Moscow, 2 extra nights on trains and a day trip in Hohhot.

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