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The Genghis Khan

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Tour style - Rail Adventures

14 days

This is the trip for you if you are short on time but don't want to miss out on that Trans Mongolian adventure. It gives you Moscow, Mongolia and Beijing all in a two week journey. Genghis Khan was known for covering vast distances at speed, now you can too!
  • Day 1 -& Arrive Moscow -& Meet your group and honcho for a pre departure meeting and let the adventure begin!

  • Day 2&


  • Day 3& -& Moscow and depart for& Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 4-7& -& Trans Siberian Railway -& Plenty of time to relax, play cards and eat noodles

  • Day 8& -& Arrive Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 9& -& To Terelj National Park and Ger Camp

    Relax in the fresh air and sample some nomadic delicacies

  • Day 10

    Ger camp and return to Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 11& -& Depart Ulaanbaatar for Beijing

    The final train and a change of wheels at the border

  • Day 12& -& Arrive Beijing

  • Day 13& -& Beijing

    Ride a bicycle to get the idea of the scale of the city, and the metro to grasp to density of population

  • Day 14 -& Beijing

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