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The Vodkatrain

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Tour style - Rail Adventures

21 days

The classic Trans Mongolian journey! Visit all the best places, from Russia's 'Venice of the North' through to electrifying Beijing. You'll live with the nomads in Mongolia and party in quirky Ulaanbaatar. Enjoy a dip in Lake Baikal after a few nights on the train and asorb fascinating history in Moscow or while strolling on the Great Wall.
  • Day 1 -& Arrive St.Petersburg

  • Day 2&

    St.Petersburg - Have a coffee at the famous bookstore on Nevsky Prospect before watching the bridges rise at night

  • Day 3 -& St.Petersburg and depart on overnight train to Moscow

  • Day 4&

    Arrive Moscow

  • Day 5&

    Moscow - Travel the metro, take a boat ride, venture out to Gorky Park

  • Day 6&

    Moscow and depart for Irkutsk

  • Day 7-9 -& Trans Siberian Railway

    Head down to the dining car and practice your Russian

  • Day 10 -& Arrive Irkutsk and to Lake Baikal

  • Day 11&

    Lake Baikal - deep, fresh and worth a dip!

  • Day 12&

    To Irkutsk and depart for Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 13&

    Trans Mongolian Railway - Into Mongolia! Watch the traders at the border and catch a glimpse of your first yak in Mongolia

  • Day 14& -& Arrive Ulaanbaatar

    The Home of Genghis Khan, so famous even the beer's named after him!& Day 15 - To Terelj National Park and Ger Camp

  • Day 16

    Terelj National Park - Take a hike through the steppe to Turtle Rock

  • Day 17&

    Ger camp and return to Ulaanbaatar

  • Day 18&

    Depart Ulaanbaatar - Back on the train through the Gobi desert and over our final border to China

  • Day 19

    Arrive Beijing

  • Day 20

    Beijing - Peking Duck anyone?

  • Day 21 -& Beijing&

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