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Volunteer with Children in Ao Luk

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15 days

Volunteer With Children Thailand is a developing country famous for a diverse environment of beautiful beaches, numerous natural resources and stunning natural attractions. Thousands of tourists travel to the country every year making Thailand one of the most popular tourist locations in the world! Despite this fact, most Thai people have limited English-speaking skills. By volunteering with local schools you can offer children the opportunity to get first hand native English language assistance to help them learn English, providing them with a valuable opportunity to improve their language skills. Your presence in the classroom helps to fulfil the demand of the community to help school children gain skills that can assist their success in education and personal development. In your free time you can go kayaking, visit the Emerald Pond and mineral hot springs, explore an enchanted forest, visit the Tiger Temple Cave, or simply soak up the Thailand sunshine on a gorgeous beach!
  • Summary

    The day always starts early, with a breakfast that normally consists of pancakes or rice porridge and helping with chores around base (if staying at GVI's base camp). Monday through Friday you will travel to local and rural schools to provide English lessons and activities for school children. In the evenings you will be responsible for making sure you are prepared for the next day of teaching. If staying at a home stay you will provide the same volunteer assistance as above based on the demands of the community. The short-term teaching project offers numerous incredibly exciting opportunities to its volunteers. As a participant you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a traditional community within a tropical paradise, live and work alongside local people experiencing their culture, food and way of life, learn Thai language and how to cook a number of mouthwatering Thai favourites. In your spare time you can explore beaches, islands, mountains and caves of the surrounding area. This is an unforgettable experience!

  • Highlights

    - See the benefits of volunteer English teaching in a small duration of time. - Challenge yourself to teach a class of children, an extremely rewarding and confidence building experience. - Experience real Thailand up close by teaching and living in the small town of Ao Luk or other surrounding communities. - Experience a culture and a way of life that most tourists miss on the normal tourist trail. - Visit local natural highlights such as limestone rock formations, amazing caves and white sandy beaches with crystal emerald waters. - Learn how to cook Thai food, speak basic Thai and immerse yourself in this vibrant and welcoming culture.

  • Not Included

    - International travel and in-country travel to meeting point in Krabi, - Medical and travel insurance. - Any trips and travel not already included in the programme.

  • Inclusions

    - Airport transfers - All food and accommodation (home stay extra) - The training and materials necessary for project activities - Basic Thai lessons - 24 hour emergency phone and 24 hour in country support

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