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Volunteer with children in Nepal (2013)

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14 days

In the effort to improve the quality of services provided to mothers and young children, volunteers are placed in a childcare centre in the Kathmandu area.
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    Volunteers bring enthusiasm and excitement to the young children and provide tangible incentives for mothers to make use of the facilities. Creative games, activities, and craftworks are carried out to better educate the children and develop their mind-body coordination skills. Volunteers also develop relationships with mothers and their families, making regular visits and encouraging use of the day care centre The impact of volunteers placed at these centres extends far beyond only the scope of the young children and mothers. Very often, older siblings are prohibited from attending school as they are made to care for their younger siblings while their parents work. As volunteers expand the influence of day care centres through increased enrolment of younger siblings, the older siblings are immediately freed of supervision and allowed to regularly attend school. Through this process, volunteers placed at day care centres help enhance one of a rural community’s most integral social institutions, setting the stage for comprehensive community development

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