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Fiji Community Building Project (2013)

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7 days

Immerse yourself in the Fijian way of life on this amazing construction project! Visit indigenous villages in Yasawa Islands, off the coast of Nadi, to assess and solve water shortage and resources management issues, focusing on the construction and installation of rainwater collection systems, vegetable gardens and solar panel arrays, and make a real difference in the lives of locals! After your hard work, revel in the pristine white beaches, explore dramatic volcanic hillsides and enjoy crystal clear lagoons. Plus, you`ll get to learn Fijian and engage in scuba diving, cave snorkelling, mountain climbing and Island hoping!
  • Summary

    Visit the breathtaking Yasawa Islands, 4.5 hours by ferry off the coast of Nadi, and experience its indescribable beauty while lending a hand to the local community. The Yasawa are a chain of 20 ancient islands, surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches and volcanic hillsides on the edge of crystal clear lagoons, providing a beautiful environment in which to work and relax at the end of each day! Choose between a 7, 14, 21 or 28 night project, successfully complete both a CRB check and a medical check and be on your way to experiencing the trip of a lifetime. Volunteers will travel to indigenous villages to assess and solve water shortage and unsustainable natural resources management issues. You`ll be focusing on the design, construction, and installation of rainwater collection systems, vegetable gardens and solar panel arrays aimed at increasing the quality of life throughout 27 villages across the Yasawa Island chain in the long term. Many of these villages experience severe water shortages, especially during the dry season, causing a lack of drinking water and food problems as locals are only able to cultivate root vegetables. There is also a limited source of income here. With the lack of natural reservoirs and slash and burn practices which destroy vegetation and subsequently exasperate the situation, poor plumbing and a lack of materials, islanders are prevented from setting up efficient systems of rainfall water collection. The locals also rely entirely on diesel generator power, which is not ideal and through your contribution, you`ll be helping to implement a variety of methods to help improve these situations. You`ll assist with the assessment of village needs, initially prioritising those to do with water and play an important role in the implementation of identified solutions. To achieve this, you`ll help the villagers to create communal vegetable gardens, enabling villagers to diversify their diet and improving nutrition. The villagers will also have a new source of income through selling locally grown vegetables at nearby resorts, localizing food production. You¿ll also help to reduce their reliance on diesel fuel through the implementation of solar power systems. Participating in this project not only allows you to assist disadvantaged communities but also offers a wonderful opportunity to travel in the local area! Fiji is a beautiful, exotic destination with picturesque white beaches and world class dive sites. In your free time and on the weekends, you`ll have the opportunity to arrange dives with local dive operators, snorkel in pristine bays, explore the island group, and much more!

  • Highlights

    - Directly helping in the construction and installation of rainwater catchment systems - Helping to improve the lives of villagers - Island hopping & walking along white beaches - Visiting stunning remote island locations - Scuba diving, snorkelling & Cave snorkelling, - Learning about traditional ceremonies & experiencing idyllic traditional Fijian village - Climbing volcanoes & enjoying breathtaking scenery - Cultural immersion in the Fijian way of life & learning to speak Fijian - Making lifelong friends!!

  • Inclusions

    - Pre-departure support and discounted services - Airport pick-up and drop off * Pick up for clients arriving after 8.30pm on the evening before the start day - In-country transport as dictated by your project - Food (all meals) - Accommodation - Orientation and training - In country 24 hour support - GVI`s 24 hour emergency phone - A traditional Fijian Sevusevu ceremony and village visit

  • Not Included

    - International flights and taxes - Visa costs - Medical and travel insurance - Extra / Side trips (unless specified) - Personal expenses & Spending money

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