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Northern Aboriginal Experience

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Tour style - Active & Adrenaline, Chill out & Beach

3 days

“Dreamtime,” the animist mythology central to indigenous Australian society, is a fascinating ideology that has helped shape the continent. This trip is just the ticket for curious travellers eager to learn more about Aboriginal history, culture and contemporary life straight from the people themselves. Up here in the North, you’ll study ancient traditions, learn how to spearfish, wander the beaches and lush valleys along the Daintree River and embark on a life-affirming rainforest walk that will bring you closer to the land and the people who inhabit it than you ever thought possible. The dream is real, and it’s waiting for you to join it.
  • Day 1 Cairns/Cape Tribulation (1L,1D)

    Meet at the joining location at 7:30am sharp and get ready to travel north. Travel by 4x4 passenger truck up to a remote beach where we meet local Aboriginal guides. Go spear fishing and learn about the traditional ways of life as well as the local flora and fauna. Cook up what you catch for a delicious lunch. Visit an Aboriginal arts centre to learn about dreamtime stories and the art that expresses those visions. An opportunity to make some art yourself makes for a great gift to take home. Walk in some of the world's oldest rainforest and swim in a remote waterfall within the Daintree NP. Overnight in a rainforest lodge located right on the beach. Estimated travel time: 3 hours Travel distance: 140 km

  • Day 2 Cooktown (1B,1L,1D)

    Travel safari-style through extremely remote countryside as we follow the Bloomfield track, only accessible by 4x4. Visit a sacred site at the Bloomfield Falls and participate in the 'Walk of the Women'. Local Aboriginal women explain how the falls speak to them, giving them powerful knowledge and visions for the future. Overnight in swags (canvas bedrolls) beside a historic hotel in the bush while being hosted by extremely entertaining locals. Listen to stories as you feast on the local cuisine. During the rainy season, sleep in multi-share cabins. Estimated travel time: 4 hours Travel distance: 100 km

  • Day 3 Cairns (1B)

    Travel westward to meet an Aboriginal guide who leads us into his traditional lands. The story teller explains the traditional lifestyle while interpreting historic rock cave paintings in the area. Travel the inland road back to Cairns where the tour finishes upon arrival at 7:30pm. Feel free to book any onward travel from 9pm onwards. Estimated travel time: 4 hours Travel distance: 324 km

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