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The Cossack

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Tour style - Rail Adventures

24 days

Get off the beaten track - See and do more on this once in a lifetime adventure! You'll have stops in the unusual and interesting destinations of Suzdal and the quirky border town of Ulan Ude. Spend more time in Mongolia enabling you to travel to Kharkhorin, the remote ancient capital of Genghis Khan and see the unique Eco-system of Bayangobi. You'll certainly reap the rewards of diving a little deeper into this fascinating region. In the summer we even include some extras!
  • Day 1&

    & Arrive Beijing - Get to know your group over a feast of Peking Duck!

  • Day 2& -& Beijing

    How about a trip to the acrobats?

  • Day 3& -& Evening departure on the Trans Mongolian Railway.

  • Day 4& -& Early morning arrival into Hohhot

    Inner Mongolia awaits.

  • Day 5& -& Evening departure to Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 6& -& Trans Mongolian Railway

    Look out for camels and gers as you pass through the countryside.

  • Day 7& -& Late morning arrival into Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 8& -& To Bayangobi (ger camp)

    Settle down for the night as a nomad.

  • Day 9& -& To Kharkhorin (ger camp)

    Genghis Khan's capital set on the sweeping steppe will amaze.

  • Day 10&

    Kharkhorin & return to Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 11&

    Ulaanbaatar & depart for Ulan Ude in the evening.

  • Day 12& -& Evening arrival Ulan Ude

    Russia's home of Buddhism and the world's biggest statue of Lenin’s head. What more could you want?

  • Day 13& -& Ulan Ude and evening departure to Irkutsk.

  • Day 14-15 -& Early morning arrival into Lake Baikal

    Explore the natural beauty of the world's largest freshwater lake.

  • Day 16& -& Return to Irkutsk and depart for Kazan in the late evening.

  • Day 17-18&

    Trans Siberian Railway - Watch the scenery change as we pass from Europe in Asia across the Urals.

  • Day 19& -& Arrive Kazan

    Home of the Tartars.

  • Day 20& -& Evening departure for Murom.

  • Day 21& -& Early morning arrival into Murom and transfer to Suzdal

    Time for one final banya?

  • Day 22& -& Transfer to Moscow.

  • Day 23& -& Moscow -& No trip is complete without a trip to Sparrow Hills to spot the Seven Sisters.

  • Day 24& -& Moscow

    Your journey concludes.

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