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Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica (2013)

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15 days

Live and work in the rainforests of Tortugero National Park, Costa Rica, to help conserve the Jaguar population.
  • Summary

    Assist in the protection of endangered Jaguars, whilst living and working in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Since the 1950s the population of Jaguars within the Americas has plummeted from over 400,000 to an estimated 14,000 now. You will be searching for signs of the elusive jaguar and their prey species, which include wild boar, deer, tapir and more, as well as setting up remote cameras. Through relaying data to the government of Costa Rica and other conservation organisations, our team aids this conservation effort through monitoring and tracking on Costa Rica’s beautiful Caribbean coast in the Tortugero National Park. Through unique and hands-on training you will have the opportunity to understand the rainforest and the wild variety of wildlife that depend on its future. Each day you will rise with the sun to join the morning surveys which start at 5am. You will be conducting a BAS Survey (Biodiversity Assessment Survey), to collect tracks, sightings and vocalization data for all mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species in specific transects. After lunch and a briefing the afternoon surveys go out at 2pm. These afternoon surveys can include setting up and maintaining jaguar cameras. You can often find yourself on 2 surveys each day and will also be taking part in at least 1 `Jaguar Walk`, which involves walking 15 miles down the beautiful Caribbean coastline in Tortuguero National Park. Throughout this walk you will be collecting data on any jaguar tracks, and its prey.

  • Departure Days (2013)

    12 January 09 February - 56n, 42n, 28n, 14n only 09 March - 28n, 14n only 16 November- 28n, 14n only

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