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10 days

Escape the all-inclusive resorts and see a side of Jamaica that few tourists experience on this whirlwind 10-day adventure. Meet true Rastafarians and learn about the original inhabitants of the island while hiking through lush wilderness. Visit the Appleton Estates rum distillery, the Bob Marley Museum and Dunn's River Falls—for a taste of culture with a splash of fun in the sun. With plenty of time to relax on Jamaica's famous white-sand beaches, you're going to come back well rested—and with a real understanding of this vibrant island.
  • Day 1 Montego Bay

    As your fellow travellers are arriving at various times throughout the day, there are no planned activities other than a group dinner and info session. Look in the hotel lobby for notices on when/where the group meeting will occur. Montego Bay is Jamaica’s tourist Mecca and your hotel is located on the world-famous 'hip-strip', where reggae music lives. Open up and soak up some of that fresh Jamaican energy and vibe, and get ready to have the time of your life!

  • Days 2-3 Negril (2B, 1L)

    On our way to Negril, we make an important visit to a Rastafarian Indigenous Village including drumming lessons, information about indigenous fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants and a delicious lunch. Rastafarianism is first and foremost a native Jamaican religion. Indigenous to Jamaica, it is therefore a significant contributor to the enrichment of Jamaica’s cultural identity. Rastafarians, also known as Rastas, have as primary tenet of their religion and lifestyle, the teachings of Marcus Garvey. Garveyism and the Rastas by extension, promote ethnic pride, self-determination, self-reliance and the recognition of the country’s African roots which are all positives, especially for a country still in the infancy of nation-building. The Rastafarian ‘dread locked’ hairstyle is recognized worldwide as Jamaican. Dread locks were popularized in the 1970s when Bob Marley and the Wailers hit the world stage – this era, quite possibly, signified the launch of “Brand Jamaica”. The brand was represented by a guitar toting ‘rebel with a positive cause’, with dread locked hair: a Rastafarian. Rastafarians have also had great impact on Jamaica’s music industry, tourism industry, fashion and language, among other cultural aspects. After the visit to the Rastafarian Village, travel to Negril. Opt to head to Rick's Cafe, explore the local caves and rocky bluffs where heroism can be added to holiday pastimes and doughty souls hurl themselves from dizzying heights into the crystalline Caribbean Sea below. Enjoy Negril's beautiful beach, which is as close to a Caribbean sunset as you can get in Jamaica. Seven miles of white-sand beach will call and your response will be languorous moments of pure pleasure; all day just soak it up! Walk the beach, visit the cliffs, rock dive, scuba dive, wind surf, parasail or do nothing at all and relax in a hammock. Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours

  • Days 4-5 Treasure Beach (2B)

    After departing Negril, we head straight for the Appleton Estate Rum Factory. Have a hearty breakfast this morning, because part of the fun today is trying all of the different types of rum that has made Appleton famous. Learn about the process from cane to bottle, and buy a few bottles to bring home with you. Treasure Beach is not on the average Jamaica tourist's radar, and we hope it stays that way so the long stretches of beach are all yours to explore. We recommend you take the optional River Safari, G Adventures style. With a boat captain in charge, you are steered about 10 minutes offshore to await dolphins on their morning swim. Next, head to where the Caribbean Sea comes to kiss the Black River and cruise upstream to see the Jamaican crocodile. See how the locals use the river for their livelihood – fishing and shrimping. Afterwards, chart a course for Pelican Bar. This quaint island-in-the-sea lounge is like nothing you’ve ever seen – the setting is on a sand bar about 15 minutes off shore, very idyllic and innovative. At Pelican Bar, have lunch, swim and sunbathe. Estimated Travel Time: 3 hours

  • Days 6-7 Kingston (2B)

    While in Kingston, we head to the famous Bob Marley museum to learn about the true history of Jamaica’s most famous musician. The museum is located at Bob Marley’s former residence, and you will be walking in his famous footsteps as you hear his unique and impactful story. **Please note: The Bob Marley museum will be closed for Christmas on the Dec 19, 2014 departure. Kingston offers many options and is sure to keep you busy. You can fill your time here with as much (or as little) as you please. Tour Port Royal, a 14th-century stomping ground of some of the 'New World's' most infamous pirates; follow your guide and view the evidence of Jamaica's swash-buckling era. Or take a boat trip to Lime Cay, Kingston's offshore paradise – a private haven. Opt to visit the Devon House, Victorian glory. If you'd prefer to leave the city behind for the day, venture up into the famous coffee-producing Blue Mountains. The lush hills and fresh air are a nice break from the coastal heat. Tour a coffee plantation or two and enjoy a cup of the area's black gold. Hopefully you’ll still have some reserves in your tank to explore Kington's famous nightlife, full of reggae music and good vibes. Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours

  • Day 8 Charles Town Maroon Experience/Ocho Rios (1B,1L)

    Pass through lush vegetation as you learn about the important Maroon people's history in Jamaica, visiting a secluded river with a number of crystal-clear pools perfect for swimming. Lunch back in town accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing. Today pays respect to a part of Jamaica’s history showcasing an indigenous people: slaves who had run away from plantations to the mountains, the Maroons. A tribe that epitomizes strength, the evolution of the island has left them culturally unscathed. Indeed they have proven fittest through survival. At the foot of the Blue Mountain sits a prime Maroon colony: Charles Town. This settlement provides the starting point for a moderate trek up the Blue Mountains, as you go experience the Maroons, hear their stories, enter their world, be a part of the Medicine Man’s audience as he speaks of curious native cures boasting centuries-old potency. At the tour's end sit at the table as a Maroon feast is spread, a cornucopia of indigenous indulgences. Participate in indigenous dancing and enjoy singing and drumming by the community members. Continue on to Ocho Rios. Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours

  • Day 9 Ocho Rios (1B)

    A visit to Ocho Rios isn’t complete without a stop at Dunn's River Falls where climbing the waterfalls is a once in a lifetime experience. With a free afternoon, opt to check out Fern Gully to find yourself in an Amazon-like rain forest, going horseback riding in the Caribbean Sea, or just go shopping. Ocho Rios offers craft shopping, intricate but affordable pieces that will serve as sentimental reminders of your time in heaven. Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours

  • Day 10 Montego Bay (1B)

    Morning transfer to Montego Bay, arriving by 11am. The group will make two stops in Montego Bay; one at the start hotel and one at the airport. Travel can be booked for 2pm onward. Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours

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