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Panama Safe Drinking Water Project (STA Exclusive 2013) - TCPDWT

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6 days

Help to provide clean drinking water to local communities on an island off the Caribbean coast of Panama. A learning and helping experience in a tropical paradise like no other.
  • Summary

    Many indigenous villages and schools in Bocas del Toro do not have access to safe drinking water. Polluted water can lead to intestinal worms in humans, which cause anemia, chronic dysentery and malnutrition, all factors contributing to a high rate of absenteeism in schools. Children fall behind in their studies and often give up, perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty among the indigenous people. This project works to stop this problem by installing rainwater catchment tanks at schools, providing safe, clean drinking water to students and their families. In 2011 STA Travel contributed US$25,000 to this project, to purchase and install 10 water tanks and buy a boat to serve as the first ambulance service for indigenous people living in this remote area.

  • How you make a difference

    Your participation in this project means one new rainwater catchment tank can be purchased and installed at a school - your trip pays for the full cost of a tank and installation ($1000), serving at least 400 people in urgent need of safe water. Without volunteers like you, this project could not survive. It relies on donors and volunteers to pay for the tanks and installation. You are helping to save lives, to give children and families a healthy start, and help to stop the cycle of poverty in this region.

  • A day in the life of a volunteer

    - Learn about indigenous life by experiencing several villages in the Bocas del Toro archipelago - Visit indigenous schools and deliver school supplies by boat and land - Visit Ambulance boat base and learn about service to surrounding villages - Help install your donated water tank at a school in urgent need!

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