Belize, Guatemala and Honduras

Destination information for Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. Often overlooked, these three amazing countries in Central America are known for nature, history, beautiful beaches and friendly people.


Explore Belize

Visit English Speaking Belize

Belize consists of massive amounts of jungle vegetation, ancient Mayan ruins, and above all, friendly, easygoing people. Belize is this and much more! In many ways, Belize has more in common with its Caribbean rather than its Latin neighbours, although it has plenty of distinctively Central American features as well. It exhibits a unique blend of cultures that include Maya, Mestizo, African, European, Arabic and Asian. Explore multi-day tours including Belize

Explore Guatamala

Natural Beauty

Guatemala is a small country, yet offers a wide variety of geography, climates and people. Its mountains and volcanoes are a magnet for climbers and hikers; the northern region’s dense jungle and Mayan past draw archaeology and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the colorful highland towns and villages with their smiling residents are sure to leave their mark on the memories of your travels.  Explore multi-day tours including Guatamala

Explore Honduras

Center of the Americas

This vibrant country is known for it's Mayan ruins, outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and jungles. Located in the center of the Americas, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and beach bums head to this amazing country for all it has to offer. The Mayan ruins of Copán are fascinating, beautiful and unique among Mayan cities. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980, Copán contains some of the most important Mayan ruins found to date, and many unusual artistic features. Explore multi-day tours including Honduras

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