China and Japan

Discover the magic of the Orient; A huge center for international business and economics as well as a fascinating history filled with ancient traditions, samuri swords, martial arts, great wonders of the world, beautiful temples, and, a mystical spirituality. 

We have put together our favorite tours and accommodation options, as well as travel guides to give you a taster of these enchanting countries.


Discover Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Bright lights, big city. Hong Kong is full on, but so much fun. Do your homework, get organized, and your stay here will be memorable - for all the right reasons!

Discover China


Discover the majesty of China! Explore the sights of the diverse cities, scale the Great Wall and marvel at the Terracotta Warriors. More

Discover Japan


Experience the distinct Japanese culture that is eminent in the history, the hundreds of beautiful temples, shrines, and, gardens. More

Discover Taiwan


Visit one of Asia's most diverse countries with a trip to Taiwan. Get a cheap flight to Taipei and visit this busy city, hike the Taroke Gorge, see the basalt cliffs of Penghu and the mountains of Wulai. More

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