Europe Travel Essentials

Plan the perfect Europe trip with STA Travel. In additional to our cheap student airfare, we have a wide range of deals on hotels & hostels, rail passes, tours, sightseeing, and much more to help you create your summer trip.

Europe never goes out of Style - Spend your summer in the hottest cities of Europe!

Fads come and go, trends are temporary, but one thing that is always "in" is Europe. Try it on, we think Europe will look good on you.

Rail Passes: Eurail, BritRail
Go where you want, when you want when you are traveling with a rail pass. Riding on the train is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordible way to see destinations around Europe.

Europe Summer Tours
Experience Europe with without regrets with these Europe Tours just for 18-35 year olds. These amazing trips are filled with unexpected adventures, inspiring places, lifelong friendships, brilliant stories and unforgettable memories. 

Europe Bus Passes
It's a hop-on hop-off bus service that allows you to travel all over Europe independently, securely and at your own pace. You will be riding aboard a comfy coach, with an onboard guide. 

Hotels & Hostels
Sleep easy with these great deal on international hotels and hostels across the globe. We have deals for all budgets and tastes! Find hotel deals in London, Paris, Rome Bangkok, Sydney and more.

Sightseeing, Day Trips & Activities
Don't wait in line or pay too much for sightseeing tours, events or transfers! Book hop-on hop-off city tours, museum and show tickets, walking tours, and much more. Over 5,500 tours and activities!

Discount Cards
The International Student ID card is a must have for any summer trip. Get access to thousands of discounts on flights, hotels stays, and attractions around the world and at home!

Travel Insurance
Don’t let the unexpected ruin your summer travel plans and budget. Protect your upcoming trip with an affordable international travel insurance policy from STA Travel.

  Flight + Hotel Package Deals - Save on Beach Trips & Weekend Getaways
I only want to go on one trip this summer... Said no one ever! Book your flight + hotel together to save on your trip cost so you can afford that weekend getaway or that beach trip for the ultimate in relaxation and fun! 

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