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Travel Japan

Travel Japan


The Land of the Rising Sun, of the secret world of the Geisha, of the mysterious Samurai, and then again of anime, technology and the famous "Bullet" train. Welcome to Japan. From legendary experiences among Tokyo's neon-lit entertainment districts to it's captivating historical sites, there's more than enough reason to pack your bags and discover this incredible country.

Japan Fast Facts

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Japan is Japanese, however you will also find minority languages such as Ainu


Name: Japanese Yen
Code: JPY
Symbol: ¥
100 JPY is approx 88c

Time Zone

Time Zone: Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00)

Top cities in Japan

Japan is a place where the ancient and the futuristic coexist in complete harmony; where an elaborate temple may sit side by side with a skyscraper and where traditional clothing can be seen next to the latest fashion trends. Get ready to pack your bags and experience the neon lights of Tokyo or explore Kyoto's Geisha culture with our handy city travel guides.








Japan Costs

cost of beer in japan


The typical cost of a beer in a restaurant in Japan will be between ¥500 – ¥600 (approx $4-$5), but if you're going to a convenience store to get one you're looking at a lower cost of ¥100 – ¥200 (approx 88c-$1.70).

cost of food in japan


The cost of a meal in Japan can range from ¥800 – ¥3000 (approx $7-$26), with a bowl of ramen costing around ¥500 (approx $4). Top tip: if you're looking for a quick and inexpensive meal such as soba and domburi, keep your eyes peeled around large train stations.

cost of taxis in japan

Taxi Ride

Looking to catch a cab? a normal taxi tariff starts at ¥300 (approx $2.60) depending on where you're going.

cost of transport in japan


One of the best things about Japan is its transportation, with the cost of an adult 1-day subway ticket costing around ¥800 (approx $7).

cost of hostel in japan


Looking for a hostel in Japan? the average cost per night is around ¥3000 (approx $26).

cost of hotel in japan


Japan has a range of accommodation to choose from, including both traditional rooms and Western style hotels, with the average cost of a night being around ¥2000 (approx $17).

Japan travel

Japan Highlights


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