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Middle East

Student Tickets to Dubai
The Middle East is considered by many travelers to be the cradle of civilization, and birthplace to many of the world’s religions. A region that has been the center of political and religious struggles for centuries, this area is home to some of the world’s most treasured architectural wonders and historical sights.

Explore the Middle East in depth with a guided tour, or build in a stopover when flying on an STA Travel student ticket on one of the region’s top notch airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar.


Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and more!

Visit Israel and discover the history, natural beauty, religion, shopping, beaches and nightlight that make this unique country one of the most growing tourist destinations in the region. More

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Book a trip to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with STA Travel. Get cheap student fares on Emirates, book hotels and hostels in Dubai, and explore sightseeing in the UAE and small group tours of the Middle East. More

Sightseeing in the Middle East

Day Trips, Sightseeing & Things to Do

Make the most of your trip to the Middle East when you plan ahead. Explore and book a wide range of adventures and tours, plus pay in US Dollars! More

Middle East & North Africa Tours

Small Group Adventures

Explore Arabia with a tour of the Middle East and North Africa. From secular, progressive Turkey to mysterious Yemen, the Middle East's long history is on display at every turn, making the region an archaeologist or historian's dream. Visit Dubai, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and more! More

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