New Zealand's North Island

New Zealand North Island
Enjoy a trip to the North Island of New Zealand with a cheap student flight, a wide selection of hotels, hostels, day trips and adventure tours from STA Travel!

Travel from the top and the marine wonders of the Bay of Islands, through the bubbling thermal wonderland around Rotorua and Taupo to the vibrant capital city of Wellington and intriguing city of Auckland.

Auckland Hotels and Hostels

Great Places to Stay in Auckland

Discover New Zealand's incredible and diverse landscape as you travel from one island to the other. Click here for our cheap hotels and hostels in New Zealand. Show me more

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North Island Sightseeing and Day Trips

Day Trips, Sightseeing & Things to Do

There is so much to do on the North Island you won't want to miss. Book your adventure today with one of these day trips from STA Travel. Check out Auckland with a city tour, experience Maori culture in Rotarua, head to the popular Bay of Islands, or even climb the Auckland Harbour Bridge! More

Adventures across New Zealand

New Zealand Tours

New Zealand is a microcosm of just about every landscape in the world: white sandy beaches, hot thermal pools, dramatic mountain passes, and cavernous fjords. You won’t be able to resist the spirit of adventure that seeps from every pore of this gorgeous country. Search all tours now. More

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