Northern Thailand

Venture into Thailand mountainous and jungle filled north, well worth exploring on foot or by Elephant. Rummage through the night bazar in the walled city of Chaing Mai, see the impressive Wat Doi Suthep set high in the mountain, wander through the many tropical national parks, and take a trip to the Golden Triangle - where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet on the river.

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Imm Eco

Chiang Mai

STA category: Hostels

Average this ain't! Expect polished wood, sumptuous silks and daring octagonal designs. All the dorms boast air-con, WiFi and lockers. Its perfectly located, close to downtown Chiang Mai, just a short walk from the Night Bazaar.

Beds from $12
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Centara Hotel

Chiang Mai

STA category: 4 Globe Rating

This swanky central hotel is steps from the Night Bazaar. Its sultry swimming pool and sun terrace is surrounded by lush hinterland, with panoramic views. The luxurious rooms feature separate shower and bathtub and wireless internet.

Beds from $32
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Thailand travel guide

Thailand travel guide

Experience the tropical paradise that is Thailand.  Check out our Thailand travel guide with fast facts, visa information and tips on planning your trip to Thailand. Learn more >

STA Travel Exclusive Tour: Northern Hilltribes and Villages

Experience Description From
Northern Hilltribes & Villages

8 Days
From the luxury of Bangkok's malls and gleaming highrises head north to Thailand's hills. Eating and sleeping in the hilltribes will bring you face to face with these colourful cultures. We’ll leave plenty of time for fun in historic Chiang Mai, with its night market and delicious cuisine.

Our CEOs will help you get off the beaten path - but you'll stay flexible by being able to choose the activities you really want. See the full itinerary >

2011 Dates: Jul 12, Jul 24, Aug 21, Sep 6, Oct 18, Nov 20 


Adventures in Northern Thailand

Experience Description From
Thai Cooking Course

Up to 3 Days

Thai food is available almost the world over, but with its seeming complexity and unusual ingredients, many people are simply too scared to give it a go themselves.

Now's your opportunity to impress your mates on your return home, by learning how to cook Thai food in style with a proper Thai chef at his home or restaurant. It's not all wok and no play though - you get to eat too! See the full itinerary >

$47 a day


Chiang Mai & the Golden Triangle

3 Days
Visit the fascinating city of Chiang Mai, 'The Rose of the North', a thriving metropolis with many points of interest to visitors and a less hectic alternative to the capital. Explore ancient temples, ride on top of a gentle elephant and delve into Thai culture and traditions in lush, mountainous scenery.

Visit indigenous hilltribe communities for a glimpse into traditional life and then venture by boat to the threshold of three different countries - the Golden Triangle - where the borders of Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos meet. See the full itinerary >


Northern Thailand Discovery

9 Days
From the buzzing night market of Chiang Mai and the elephants of Lampang to delicious food and beautiful textiles, immerse yourself in the incredible culture of the region.

Cycle through the ancient city of Sukhothai, climb up to the Buddhist temples at Doi Suthep and enjoy the best of the hills surrounding Chiang Mai. Our expert CEOs will take the hassle out of planning and help you find the secluded spots only the locals know. See the full itinerary >


Northern Thailand Experience

14 Days
Meet saffron-robed monks, visit hilltribe villages and delve into the different on an adventure that includes Thailand's wild northwest corner. You'll stretch your legs and your mind on a three-day trek to hilltribe villages, each with their own language and religions.

Whether you're walking the ancient streets of Ayutthaya or planning some shopping, our CEOs will help you discover places you wouldn't otherwise have known were there. And with plenty of free time to explore on your own, this trip will let you really absorb the spirit of this diverse country. See the full itinerary >


Roam Thailand

16 Days
Perfect for those looking to experience Northern Thailand’s cultural treasures and the natural beauty of its southern islands. This 16-day trip will help you get off the beaten path with a trek to the region’s hilltribes but will remain flexible enough to suit all tastes.

From the lush hills of the north, stitched through with the diverse colours of its hilltribes, to the soft sands of the south and the glorious chaos of Bangkok, Thailand will leave you captivated.. See the full itinerary >


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