Which travel tribe are you?

We all love travelling but we don't choose the same kind of trips. Are you the Thrill Seeker always looking for adventure and adrenaline, not afraid to travel off the beaten track or are you happiest when you are trekking through the Amazon rainforest Living Like a Local? Book one of ou Travel Tribe tours and use our promocode to get discounts! Full terms and conditions apply*.

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The more adrenalin-filled physical activities you can pack into your travels, the better. You're not afraid to venture off the beaten track, you'd pick the road less travelled over backpacker central any day. You get to the up and coming places before they've up and come, and you're always seeking out new adventures.


Cambodia on a Shoestring
10 days, Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
Costa Rica on a Shoetring
8 days, San Jose to San Jose             
Cape and Dunes Overland
14 days, Windhoel to Cape Town
Indochina Discovery
30 days, Bangkok to Bangkok
Now $849 Now $699       Now $1499               Now $2799      
  • Explore bustling Bangkok
  • Catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat
  • Enjoy a delicious local Khmer meal in a small village
  • Try adrenaline sports like whitewater rafting and waterfall rappelling
  • Take in the views of Arenal Volcano towering over La Fortuna
  • Chill out on the Pacific Ocean
  • Search for the Big Five in Etosha National Park
  • Get the adrenaline pumping on adventure activities
  • Tackle the world's largest sand dunes
  • Revel in the majesty of Angkor Wat
  • Enjoy a delicious local Khmer meal in a small village
  • Chill out on golden beaches, cruise magical Halong Bay


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You like experiencing new things and immersing yourself in a country's culture as much as the next traveller, but you want to do it in style. No dorm room for you; a private hut on the beach is more your thing. Think private safari lodges, heritage palaces in India or swish yachts in the Galapagos. Sigh.


Kruger & Falls
10 days, Johannesburg to Livingstome                    
 Machu Picchu Explorer
8 days, Lima to Lima
Australia In Style
21 days, Sydney to Melbourne
Turkey Explorer
25 days, Istanbul to Istanbul

NOW FROM $2,499

NOW FROM $ 1,799 NOW FROM $7,499 NOW FROM $2,399
  • Snap photos of the Big Five on open vehicle safaris in a private nature reserve and greater Kruger area
  • Visit a local school and Planeterra-supported project
  • Get misty at the mighty Victoria Falls
  • Explore ancient ruins off the beaten path in the Sacred Valley with our expert guide
  • Meet local artisans at a Planeterra-supported Women's Weaving Co-op and local village
  • Take in mountain views on the scenic train to Machu Picchu

  • Learn to surf with a local in Byron Bay
  • Relax on a full-day sailing trip in the Whitsunday Islands
  • Experience the Red Centre and witness the majesty of Uluru at sunrise
  • Discover historic cities and ancient Roman ruins
  • Enjoy dinner in a traditional family home and sample local treats
  • Relax on a boat excursion on turquoise waters in the Mediterranean sea

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You love travelling alone and deciding where to go on a whim, with no one to slow you down. You reckon one of the best parts of travelling is making new friends along the way, and you meet them all over the place. Felixible travel is what you're all about. You're not up for itineraries. If you wake up one morning and fancy moving on, you'll do it.  


6 stops                 
West & South Loops
West Loop

North Loop

NOW FROM $649 NOW FROM $ 1,319 NOW FROM $769 NOW FROM $769
9 Countries, 34 Destinations.The Flexitrip is designed to give you the ultimate in flexibility so you can design your own trip. Choose anywhere you'd like to go and then buy the number of corresponding flexistops. This is ideal if you really want a true trans-continental flexible tour of Europe or have a clear idea of what cities you want to experience.

France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy & Spain If it's extremes you're looking for, you'll find them on the West and South Loops with the warmest beaches, the highest mountains and the best food Europe has to offer. Bavarian castles and beerhalls, gondoliers on Venice's canals or Rome's classic ruins. Eat all the gelato you can while exploring

France, Switzerland, Italy & Spain Enjoy the elegance and sophistication of France and indulge in Spain's sun kissed days and passion filled nights. A West Loop will take you to the best of France, Spain and stunning Switzerland. Cycle through ancient vineyards and salsa dance the night away! France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic & Austria Old World charm, magnificent architecture and ancient customs make this one of the most fascinating regions of Europe. A North Loop will take you to the most captivating cultural cities. Priceless artwork, beautiful castles, stunning scenery and incredible beer are standard.

For you, travelling is all about immersing yourself in a country's culture. You will be the first to chat with the locals and you will take a homestay over a hostel any day. You reckon it's a traveller's responsability to five something back to the country you are visiting, so you look for ways to volunteer in the community if you can.  

Local Living Thailand
6 days, Chiang Mai to Chiang Mai
Local Living Kenya
5 days, Nairobi to Nairobi
Local Living Ecuador
7 days, Quito to Quito
Local Living Almafi Coast
8 days, Naples to Naples
NOW FROM $399 NOW FROM $ 699 NOW FROM $649 NOW FROM $1,799
  • Connect with local Black Lahu and Shan communities
  • Savour home-cooked Thai food, experience local culture hands-on
  • Learn about local hilltribe customs from those who live and breathe them.
  • Learn survival skills from Masai warriors
  • Participate in day-to-day life in a remote Masai village
  • Listen to warrior stories around the campfire,                             
  • Live like a local in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Learn Quichua traditions by interacting with your local hosts
  • Visit an animal rescue centre, hone your blowgun skills
  • Live at an agriturismo on the Amalfi Coast for a week, hike beautiful trails including the famous "Walk of the Gods"
  • Learn about the fate of Pompeii from an expert local guide
  • Explore chic resort towns and historic villages

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