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UK & Ireland Tours

Budget Trips in Great Britain & Ireland

Explore the beauty, culture and excitement of the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland with these amazing trips through England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland and Ireland. Your tour will be led by proud and passionate locals who will guide you to all the places you will want to see. Plus, these tours are very affordable!

Compass Buster
10 Days
From $699*

Go beyond the mainland and discover the remote northern and western fringes of Scotland, Europe’s last great wilderness. Our ultimate trip explores an amazingly diverse range of scenery, history and cultures.

Island Explorer
7 Days
From $489*

An unforgettable journey to the far north west of the Scottish Highlands and the region’s most famous islands, the Outer Hebrides and Isle of Skye. Small villages, long sandy beaches and dramatic mountain scenery are made all the more stunning by their remoteness.

Highland Fling
5 Days
From $319*

A spectacular adventure through the Highlands and magical Isle of Skye with stunning scenery, incredible history and some unique and unforgettable experiences. There’s also the chance to get into some traditional Scottish music and dancing at a genuine Ceilidh to make this a proper Highland Fling!


Cornwall Crusader
5 Days 
From $349*

Discover the mystical West Country, steeped in Arthurian legends and ancient Roman and Celtic history. Reach the south west tip of the UK through tiny villages, deserted moors and breathtaking coastline.  There’s also the chance to ride the waves in Newquay, the UK’s surf capital.

Welsh Explorer
5 Days
From $349*

The ultimate Welsh adventure! Get out of London, head west and let wild Wales capture your imagination as you explore this exceptional country. Impressive castles, historic villages, stunning coasts and beautiful mountain scenery are on offer with the chance to experience Wales' culture.

All Ireland Rocker
7 Days
From $529*

Our ultimate Irish adventure! Explore the whole of the island, north and south plus Inis Mór (Aran Islands) hidden off the west coast. This one has it all - traditional music, stunning scenery, ancient monuments and vibrant towns plus great craic on the road and at night.


Celtic Rocker
5 Days
From $359*

Amazing days around Ireland's spectacular south and west coasts that will bombard your senses and change your life forever. Discover what great craic the Emerald Isle is, from incredible landscapes, mountains and castles, to nights squeezed into the local pub with traditional live music and a pint of the black stuff in your hand.

Giant's Rocker
5 Days
From $359*

Set your sights on the north of Ireland and the province of Ulster, with its stunning landscape and turbulent history. From the ancient past to the ‘Troubles’ of recent times, there’s the unforgettable scenery of Inis Mór, the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant’s Causeway and the Antrim coast.

Western Rocker
3 Days
From $209*

An awesome trip that takes you through centuries of Irish history, plus some of the most stunning natural highlights the island has to offer. Overnight in the cultural hot spot of Galway with its great nightlife and vibrant Celtic energy that will give you an incredible insight into the Irish way of life.

* Prices shown are valid for students with a valid International Student ID card. Adult prices are higher. Prices are subject to change without notice and not guaranteed till purchased. Accommodation not included; however tour guide provides discounted rates at local hostels and hotels available en route. Only available for STA Travel US and customer must have US address. Other restrictions may apply.

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