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‘We walked along the stars and saw the hand and footprints before getting a huge pizza slice and treating ourselves to the cinema and popcorn. The next we walked through the Kung Fu Panda premiere before starting our tour on the trolley bus to all the famous sites - Hollywood sign, Hollywood and various studios including Paramount, Nickelodeon etc. To be even more touristy we did a tour of Beverly Hills, seeing the stars houses (including Tom Cruise, Elvis, Ringo Star and even Simon Cowell) and Rodeo Drive.’
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In the 3 days we spent in New York we did most things touristy, visiting the Empire State at night, taking the Staten Island ferry (which was free) to 'float' past the Statue of Liberty, and eating lots of New York-esque food. We also bought tickets to a Broadway show, wanting to experience the class and culture that New York has to offer by buying tickets to…The Little Mermaid on Broadway (no sniggers please). Nothing like a Caribbean crab singing 'under the sea' on stage to get you in the party spirit!
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Saturday started slowly after a long Friday and a big night partying, but we didn't have to go far to find a restaurant that serves all day breakfast NY style. Lightly toasted sesame seed bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and scrabbled eggs with a Bloody Mary on the side to sort out that hangover!
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