12 Reasons to Travel Europe by Rail

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Find out why rail travel is hands-down the most superior method of transportation in Europe. Flexibility, location, and convenience are just the beginning! Get where you need to be quickly, efficiently, and economically.

1. You don't have to plan your entire trip before you leave.

The Eurail "hop-on, hop-off" philosophy does not force you to book travel months in advance. Itineraries, traveling companions and moods can change along the way, and rail passes allow you to be very flexible with your travel plans.
2. Location, Location, Location!

Rail stations are found in the city center, close to all the attractions and hotels & hostels. Plus, they are also hubs for local public transpiration, so you can often hop on a cheap subway, tram or bus. Airports can be far outside of the city, with no access public transportation, especially for those early morning flights.
3. Europe has so many amazing sights to see!

The Eurail Global Pass gives you unlimited rail travel in 24 European countries. Where do you want to go?
4. Airline baggage fees add up quickly!

Many of Europe's low cost airlines have baggage fees that can often double the cost of the ticket - up to $65 for a 45 pound bag. Bags travel free with your Eurail pass, plus there is no weight limit

5. Get face to face with the locals.

When traveling Europe by train with a Eurail Pass, not only will you meet fellow travelers from around, but you'll also be traveling with real live Europeans. Learn and travel with those that know their country best!

6. Everything looks the same from 38,000 feet.

Traveling by train lets you see so much more than flying within Europe. See the French countryside, the Swiss Alps, castles and so much more all from your comfortable train seat.

7. So many countries, so much amazing food.

How about tapas in Spain today, croissants in France tomorrow, chocolate in Switzerland the next day? Did you know you can even take cooking classes while in Europe?


8. Missing an intra-Europe flight can be very expensive. 

Eurail passes offer so much flexibility, and if you miss a train then you can just hop on the next one. Flights within Europe might be very cheap to buy if you do it far in advance, but if you miss a flight you will most likely be forced to buy a new ticket. 


9. I'm on a boat!

Eurail passes include access to a number of free and discounted European ferry routes & boats. This added perk is great for getting to countries like Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain & Scandinavia!

10. There are Eurail Passes for all trips and budgets.

With single country passes, regional passes and 3-5 country Eurail Select passes, you can pick just the countries you want to visit for shorter stay trips.
11. Get off the beaten path.

Get away from the big cities and explore small towns, villages and remote areas that you can't get to by plane. Check out the Eurail Map for inspiration.
12. Train travel is a more eco-friendly way to get around the continent.

Traveling by train is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint - so you can do your little bit to combat climate change. Gasoline in Europe is also really expensive, so trains are also easier on your wallet.

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