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World Traveler Intern 2007: Rachel Rudwall

Our very first World Traveler Intern was Rachel Rudwall from Miami (OH). Her favorite part of this gig was Thailand!

Rachel Rudwall, Summer 2007 World Traveler Intern!

Rachel traversed the globe, with adventures sponsored by Topdeck,  i-to-i, Intrepid, and Air New Zealand! She kept us up to speed on what she did, who she met, where she went, and more through journals/blogs, videos and podcasts that she posted at She was responsible for describing all of her great adventures from the "student's" perspective. Her ultimate goal was to inspire you to travel the world!

Rachel is an International Studies and Spanish major at Miami University (OH). She's studied in Spain and Scotland and traveled extensively throughout the world. She's passionate about music, photography and languages and is always excited to share her travels with you!

Rachel was abroad for more than two months on this extraordinary summer internship and her travels took her to many exciting cities in Europe, Australia and China.

Job well done, Rachel!


Where'd she go?

Rachel Rudwall traveled the world - on our dime! She went exploring all in an effort to inspire you to do the same. Europe, Asia, Australia - she had a big itinerary and you can check out everything she did below. More

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