By Emma Neely

Prague: The Ultimate Guide

Raylin Pellatt (@rayy_baybay), is a major travel enthusiast having visited over twenty four countries (and counting)!. Having recently graduated from Michigan State last year, she’s…

By Rachael Porter

15 things we’ve learned about traveling the world, as told by Queer Eye

STA Travel HQ have a total obsession with the fab 5. Watching it gives us happy tears, warm fuzzies, and has taught us 101 new ways to use an avocado. So, we thought what better way to celebrate Pride, than a travel-related Queer Eye blog.

By Rachael Porter

A local’s guide to London

Another installment of our ‘Local Insider Series’ – this time bringing good ol’ London into the limelight. Emma Beynon, Marketing Manager for BUNAC is a born and bred Londoner, and wanted to give us the goss on where’s hot in town nowadays. And she doesn’t just talk about east London.

Middle East
By STA Travel

Exploring Northern Jordan

Recently having explored the lesser-traveled Western Asia while studying Arabic, Tristan Davis has put together a list of his must-sees if you’re going to the area yourself. 

By STA Travel

What to do in Northern Thailand

Warmer than Norway and greener than Greenland; as “norths” go, northern Thailand is pretty brilliant. Getting there is pretty simple as the Bangkok – Chiang Mai train…

Latin America
By Kim Durbridge

A local’s guide to Santiago

This time as part of our ‘Local Insider Series’ we asked Claudia, our Brochure Content Executive, to tell us all about Santiago. She studied there…