By STA Travel

7 Christmas dinners done differently around the world

It’s that time of year again: the shelves begin to fill with advent calendars and Lynx gift sets, and people begin the stressful task of Christmas…

By Katrina Holmes

You Can’t Miss the Best Christmas Markets in Europe 2019

Boughs of prickled green holly adorns the top of cabined huts. Bratwursts sizzle in the crisp night air. Mitten-hands hold cups of warm mulled wine….

By Emma Neely

Wild card destinations in Australia and New Zealand you need to visit

Australia and New Zealand may be far away from pretty much everyone, but they’re both hot on the list for most adventurers. And so they should be. They’re…

By Katrina Holmes

Your Guide to Responsible Travel to Thailand

There’s more to Thailand than full moon parties and delicious food. We are given the privilege of travel, so why not give something back? By…

By Tristan Davis

Places you never thought to go to in Egypt

There’s more to Egypt than the Pyramids of Giza! I spent a month there, traversing deserts and oases, discovering off-the-beaten path towns and temples, and…

By STA Travel

A Solo Female Travel Guide to Thailand

It’s no guessing why Thailand is one of the most traveler-friendly countries – the tourism infrastructure is easy to navigate, it has cheap (but insanely…