Meet Matt: AKA the Luckiest Man in the World

Back in September we announced the winner of our #60dayadventure competition in the UK . This lucky person would get flights to Sydney, accommodation for the whole stay, a campervan to explore with and the chance to report back and show the world the beauty of this part of Australia.

That winner was Matt Harrison and, as you might imagine, he’s a little excited…

What made the competition so appealing to you?

It was based on the two things I aspire to evolve my life around: travelling and film making. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was for me! I had lots of footage of travelling recently so, instead of doing a video explaining why I thought I would be the perfect traveler, I decided to show my best bits. I made the entry film in a hotel in Bangkok one day before the competition closed, while waiting for a flight. I sent it off and thought nothing more of it and then, only a few days later, I received an email titled ‘Congratulations on becoming a #60DayAdventure finalist!’… my heart just stopped!

How’s the trip planning going?

I’ve been getting all my camera stuff ready so I can really show off the beauty of New South Wales and what it has to offer a backpacker. I’m definitely most excited about the adventure in the camper. Going back to basics, being under the super bright galaxy of stars and just the ultimate feeling of freedom. I hope in my time there I can portray a sense of wanderlust through my videography and photography, making people itch to go and discover a new and beautiful world of their own, because that’s what inspired me.

Where do you get your wanderlust from?

I suppose it was the fact that I was working a meaningless job whilst gazing at all these stunning photos and videos online and thinking “Why am I here and not there?” So I changed it. And then the travel bug got a hold of me; now it’s all I want. Losing control willingly: searching for questions, not answers. It reminds us that we don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. What you dream can be. We are ‘limitless’.

What could you never leave behind?

You’d probably guess, but I could never travel without my camera. I want to capture and remember all the incredible places I’ve been and beautiful wanderers I’ve engaged with. All the glances I’ve stolen and priceless memories I’ve trapped; I want them surrounding me until the day I die and to remind me that I truly lived the adventure of life.

What’s your top tip for aspiring travel photographers?

Snap snap and snap some more! The thing I love about photography is you can take a photograph and it can mean nothing to someone, but because you captured it and you lived that moment it can mean the world to you: erupting a rush of emotions and memories from within because without someone taking that photo you wouldn’t have remembered. So in my eyes there is no level of photographer, we are all just the timekeepers of yesterday.

Follow Matt on his amazing journey around Sydney and New South Wales by following #60dayadventure or see the latest updates here! **Warning** this will make you want to drop everything and jump on a plane…