60 Day Adventure: From The Climb to Dream Time

9:30am Australia time: I touch down in Sydney busting with adrenaline, excited to get the #60dayadventure started!

On the first day I headed to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for the Bridgeclimb. I had no idea what to expect apart from a lot for steps (obviously) but my friendly climbing guide walked me through exactly how it would go. We all got kitted out with radio headsets and harnesses, and suddenly the reality that we were about to scale this massive structure became very real!


The Climb

The climbing route was really interesting. We were ducking through hatches under beams ans and along all sorts of walkways leading to the next set of steps, looking through the grated metal straight through to the sea below! As we ascended higher and higher we were regaled with fascinating facts about the bridge and surrounding landscape. Did you know that the Sydney Harbour Bridge  is held together with over 6 million rivets? I do.

Finally we make it to the summit and were greeted by incredible 360 views of the stunning Sydney Harbour! Truly a sight i will never forget and very blessed to be able to experience it with my own eyes. A big tick off the bucket list.

Dream Time

The next day I was up bright and early for a Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour. This was a two hour walking tour around Sydney Harbour lead by a very informative local guide. We learned about how the Aboriginal ancestors sourced their food and water & established themselves Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest surviving culture in the world so there was plenty to learn about!


We are sailing…

After a fascinating look behind the scenes at the Oprah House it was back to the hostel for a nap before the next day’s adventure aboard an historic 1850’s style tall ship. What a different experience this was and a really amazing way to see the beauty of Sydney harbour.

We sailed right past Sydney Opera House and contained east to Rose bay then as we arrived the engines shut down and sails opened and drifted silently back down, power only by the wind. The whole experience really gave you a feel of what it would have been like to be captain Cook when he first sail though in 1770.

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