5 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind On Your First Bungy

Harness tightened, helmet on, ready for your ascent into thin air….or so you think.

These are just the initial thoughts that go through your mind as you begin your slow walk up the bridge that morning, your cool, calm and collective demeanor slowly transforming into one of worry and fear. Not a fear of heights or even of the free fall, but a fear of that first step. Would you or wouldn’t you have the courage for one little step?

As STA Travel Expert, Kelly LaSlavic, was to learn during her recent trip through New Zealand, you do have the courage to take that step. Considering the bungy in New Zealand for yourself? Here are five thoughts that went through Kelly’s mind during her first bungy, and some tips to help you take the leap for yourself!

Thought #1: Why am I doing this if it scares me so much?

I have always been an adventurous gal and pride myself on the fact that I will always attempt any challenge place in front of me. I snowboard, hike, abseil and surf to name a few. I didn’t think this bungy would be any different from previous adventures. This jump was just the first of many thrills I had planned for myself on my journey through the South Pacific. But would this be the challenge that defeated me?

Kelly Bungee 6

Thought #2: Man, I can’t wait to rub this in my friend’s faces, lol!

I couldn’t even fathom that I was doing this, it started out as a dare from a coworker and turned into this exhilarating thrill. Also it made me feel a little cool that I was going to jump off a bridge and potentially be a little braver then my friends who would never dare of doing this. That little bit of motivation made the step a bit easier.

Thought #3: Pure panic.

The moment was now upon me: the jump; or in my case, an ungraceful fall off the edge.  My knees were knocking as my whole body rattled with fear and doubt. My will to jump was there, but I couldn’t convince my legs to follow my brain’s command. My instructor had to provide a small pep talk and three attempts later, my legs followed through. I had gotten out of my head and I had conquered the bungy.

Kelly Bungee 2

Thought #4: Excitement.

There were no thoughts as I initially jumped off the edge. The panic had subsided, and I was almost unaware of what was happening. My brain couldn’t process what I was doing. Then as I bounced back into the air after the first drop, it had hit me, uncontrollable laughter. Pure happiness had spread across my face and I couldn’t not contain my smile.

Kelly Bungee 4

Thought #5: Relieved and accomplished!

I may have encountered some nerves and a few hiccups leading up to my jump, but it was well worth it. That ounce of panic for a joyous memory and experience made it all worthwhile because this just opened the door for my next challenge or should I say jump….a 14,000 foot skydive over Australia. Another jump, another memory…will your story begin with a jump?

Kelly Bungee 5

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