Our Top 5 Game of Thrones Film Locations

You know nothing Jon Snow! …But we do, we know the Game of Thrones filming locations. From the Icelandic glaciers of the North to the Mediterranean seas of King’s Landing, the Game of Thrones set locations stretch three continents and six countries, after a read of this you’ll be impressing your friends with your GOT knowledge all week:


These magical beech trees were originally planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to their Georgian mansion (Gracehill House). But we know it as the Northern exit off the Kingsroad from King’s landing. This is where Arya escapes from the city disguised as a boy.

Fact: Game Of Thrones employs more locals than the civil service in Northern Ireland.


King’s Landing, is set in Dubrovnik. It’s old town is surrounded by ancient stone walls and is located on a dramatic cliff face over looking the ocean. It’s makes for a majestic capital of the Seven Kingdoms. If it’s good enough for Lannister’s its good enough for you! Why not sail around the shores of Croatia and explore the coastline of Westeros for yourself?

Fact: It’s home to the world’s smallest town, Hum – with a population of 17.


The Glacier represents “The Fist of the First Men” in the wilderness beyond the wall. The Fist of the First Men is an ancient fort where the Night’s Watch would retreat from the Free Folk. You can retreat to the Glacier of Svinafellsjokul for yourself and go glacier climbing. Iceland makes for an ice cool getaway.

Fact: The cast and crew were often freezing cold, trudging along ice. All in the name of cinema!


Fort Ricasoli is the setting for the Red Keep at King’s Landing, its impressive red stone pillars and high walls represent the city’s wealth and luxury. Malta enjoys a warm, almost sub-tropical climate which is a STARK contrast to the winters of the north. Take a walk around the Fort and you’ll be feeling as important as Cersei Lannister.

Fact: Coldplay drummer Will Champion is among the musicians playing at the Red Wedding – a pretty depressing Coldplay gig, for a change?


Castillo de Zafra is the tower of Joy, located in the Red Mountains of Dorne. The commanding tower is stood on the rocks above Campillo de Dueñas, in northeast Spain. It is the setting for one of the most awaited moments of the new series of Game of Thrones – a flashback of Lyanna Stark’s death in the Tower of Joy…

Why not bring a little joy (pun intended) to your own life and head to Europe this summer? It’s got to be better than the Night’s Watch!

Fact: The average episode costs HBO $6 million to make.

Well enjoy the first episode, tweet us your thoughts and with your behind the scenes knowledge maybe you’ll go experience the GOT locations for yourself.