Traveling Europe by Rail: An #AskSTA Recap

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Are you planning a trip to Europe this summer? Or maybe you’re still deciding whether you want to book the flight over? Either way, we can help make all those decisions a lot easier.

If you didn’t know already, traveling Europe by rail is one of the coolest experiences you can have across the pond, as well as being one of the easier ways to get around all those awesome countries.

But don’t just take our word for it. We went to Twitter and asked our Europe travelers what they liked so much about getting the train, and how to get the most of the journey. In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite tweets shared during the chat about traveling through Europe by train…

What’s the favorite place in Europe you’ve traveled, or want to travel, by rail?

A1. Paris to London by train was the coolest! Partially underwater and super quick (and cheap).#Asksta

A1: Took a train ride from Venice to Rome! Great way to get back and forth between these two amazing cities! #AskSTA

A1: definitely the South of France in the summertime! But Bosnia-Herzegovina is a close second! #AskSTA

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Why might you recommend train travel when exploring Europe?

A2: Budget passes for multiple destinations, enjoyable landscape and you get dropped off in the heart of the city!#AskSTA

A2: I would recommend traveling by train once you are in the country – city2city – or if the countries are close! Convenient!#AskSTA 

A2. Trains are fantastic because you know you will be safe, its fast, and you can read or sleep on the train  #AskSTA

A2: Driving in Europe can be a nightmare and a half – trains are so much more relaxing and you get to see some really cool scenery! #AskSTA

A2: Trains give you the best of all travel! The sights, the convenience, and the good price! Can’t go wrong with that combo! #AskSTA

Q3 - Overnight Trains

Let’s talk overnight trains. What do travelers need to know when planning this kind of trip?

A3: Book in advance, overnight seats can book up quick. Check for fast vs regional trains and have the correct country passes. #AskSTA

A3. Keep your valuables physically on your person- better safe than sorry! (earplugs might help, too) #Asksta

A3: They’re a great way of saving $$$ on a hotel for the night, but you may not get the best sleep. Plan for a nap the next day! #AskSTA

A3: The rooms are TINY and sometimes no ‘common area’. Other than a few cons, really convenient 🙂 #AskSTA

A3: knowing the kind of journey you want is important whether it’s a regular seat or an overnight cabin with a bed! #AskSTA

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What’s your #1 packing tip for making the most of a rail trip?

A5: Be ready to layer! Just like on an airplane, the temperature can vary, so bring light layers so that you can keep comfy. #AskSTA

A5 Portable charger, a travel journal and SUPER easy access to your rail pass are musts! #Asksta

A5: train journeys are the perfect opportunity to journal about your trip! A pretty journal and pen are train travel essentials! #AskSTA

A5: We also grabbed dinner before we hit the train (around 10pm) and then went right to sleep for an arrival of 7am. Consider that! #AskSTA

A5: Definitely pack a scarf/wrap/comfy sweater to use as a blanket, & always bring snacks to avoid the overpriced cafe car #AskSTA

A5. Use your space wisely. Fold/roll your clothes to take up less space and make the most of luggage. #AskSTA

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