A New Zealand Love Story

It’s time for a little love story to brighten up your day and this one’s a goodie. Scottish Laura had been dating Andrew online from Melbourne for a while and she wanted to meet up on neutral ground. As soon as she saw a chance to win flights with STA Travel to New Zealand back in 2015, she didn’t hesitate for ONE SECOND to enter and as fate would have it, she won!

So here’s her story on how she met and fell in love with lovely Aussie Andrew…

How did you feel when you found out you got the flight?

I burst into tears! New Zealand was always a place I wanted to visit, but to get to have your first date there and meet the person you’ve spent months getting to know online was like a dream come true!

Did you tell Andrew straight away?

Because of the time difference Andrew was fast asleep in Melbourne when I won in Scotland. I couldn’t wait until he woke up and I could scream down the phone that we’d won!

How did you feel when you first met?

We were both nervous and excited. It’s surreal to meet a person who’s personality you know inside and out and yet physically they’re a complete stranger.

Where did you go for your first date?

We spent the day on Waiheke island. We drank wine on a vineyard looking out over the rolling hills and sea. We ate delicious fresh food and played archery amongst the vines. It was without a doubt the best first date EVER!

Where else did you travel in New Zealand and what did you do?

We stayed in a log cabin (complete with roaring fire) in Okahune in the North island for a few days, surrounded by national parks, giant snow capped mountains and jaw dropping waterfalls! We then went to Golden Bay at the top of the North island which is life changing. Beautiful turquoise water, flawless white sandy beaches and amazing walking trails. We finished our trip in Queenstown getting our foodie and adrenaline fix! They have bungee jumping, canoeing, skiing, quad biking and Fergburger gave us the best burger we’ve ever eaten.

What do you love most about New Zealand?

I love that spectacular is standard. You can be standing at the best waterfall you’ve ever seen and because every waterfall is like that, there is usually nobody else around!

When’s your wedding?

We are getting married in February next year on Waiheke island at the same vineyard we had our first date! We can’t wait to share New Zealand’s diverse natural beauty with our family and friends. Eeeeeeeek!

Where else have you travelled to together?

Since New Zealand we’ve been commuting to and from Edinburgh and Melbourne, meeting each other’s family and friends. Andrew also wanted to meet the other man in my life – my wee dog Arthur!! Our next adventure is a trip to Seville and Barcelona in Spain.

Would you ever go back and live in New Zealand?

We both love New Zealand we’ve talked about living there!

What would you say to someone else who is thinking of travelling to New Zealand?

I think before I won I had always told myself that you needed a few months to spend in New Zealand. Having just visited for 3 weeks, I now know that that’s plenty of time to see a good amount of both islands. I think it’s better to go for any amount of time compared to never getting around to going. Just go! It has to be seen!

Somebody NEEDS to make a movie out of this! Fall in love with New Zealand and create your own story.