Just Another Day in Western Australia…

It’s time to delve into the unexplored West Coast of Australia. Western Australia is a world away from the well-trodden path of the East Coast, with its untouched beaches, natural wonders and chilled out capital Perth, it’s got a hell of a lot going for it! STA Travel has teamed up with the lovely lot over in Western Australia to show you exactly what life is like Down Under. Swimming with Whale Sharks or exploring the Pinnacles is no biggie’ for these guys, that’s how they like to spend most days!

And to show you wanderlusters exactly what Western Australia is like, we’ve sent Freedi and Kate on a little adventure over there. But who exactly are Freedi and Kate ?

Freedi is a German born adventurer from Berlin, who loves to blog on all things fitness, fashion, clean eating, travel and adventures.

Kate also known as ‘Adventurous Kate’ is a jet-setter hailing all the way from the US. She’s all about solo, independent travel for women.

So let’s break it down and take a look at what these girls are going to get up to…

First Stop, Perth…

Good morning Perth!

Nestled between Kings Park and the sparkling Swan River, #Perth is a blend of unique natural and urban delights. @3rainnys took this snap perched on a viewing platform at #KingsPark, one of the best spots in the city to take in views of the iconic #SwanRiver and Darling Ranges. It is also one of the largest inner city parks in the world, even bigger than New York’s Central Square! #thisisWA #justanotherdayinWA #westernaustralia #SeePerth

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Soak up the views of Swan River from Kings Park.

There are many places along the iconic Swan River to sit back and admire the Perth city skyline – and this spot is one of our top picks. Here, @leesyl23 captured the city from South Perth foreshore on a beautiful, sunny winter’s day. Ahhh the serenity! #thisisWA #justanotherdayinWA #westernaustralia #SeePerth #SeeAustralia A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on

  Lunch in Cottesloe at Cott & Co.

Cottesloe Beach is one of #Perth’s most iconic, and a must-visit destination over the summer months. It can be reached in around 20 minutes by car from Perth city, and is also easily accessible via public transport. On arrival, you will find your own slice of sand to enjoy and there’s also a selection of pubs, restaurants and cafes nearby. #thisisWA #westernaustralia #cottesloebeach #seeperth #beach Photo credit: @chemodiver. A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on

Watch the sun go down on Cottesloe beach.

The colours found in a #Perth sunset are unforgettable. @cottesloebarchetta captured this colourful shot on a recent winter’s night at #CottesloeBeach – wow! #thisisWA #SeePerth #sunset

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G’day Rottnest Island…

A morning cycle around Rottnest Island.

Who’s up for a cycle around #RottnestIsland this weekend? The island is 11 kilometres long and 4.5 kilometres wide, so for those keen to cycle around the entire island, it’s best to allow approximately 2.5 hours for the leisurely (and scenic!) bike ride. Thanks for the photo @daxon. #thisisWA #westernaustralia #SeePerth @rottnestislandwa #justanotherdayinWA

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Get to know the locals on the island.

Happy Monday everyone! @elder.flower captured this furry friend, a #Quokka, and her adorable joey on a recent visit to #RottnestIsland, located 30 minutes by ferry from Perth. Some have said recently that the Quokka is the happiest animal on Earth, and with the island paradise, as your home, why wouldn’t you be? #thisisWA #westernaustralia #rottnestislandwa #SeePerth A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on

Next Up, Kalbarri…

Explore the moon-like landscape of the Pinnacles along the coast to Kalbarri.

It’s believed that a visit to the Pinnacles in @australiascoralcoast is similar to an encounter on the moon’s surface. Formed over millions of years, thousands of tall limestone spires rise out of the yellow desert sands at the unqiue (and very picturesque!) site, located within Nambung National Park. What’s more, they can be reached in an easy two hour drive north of Perth. Photo credit: @mikaylacongram. #thisisWA #westernaustralia #justanotherdayinWA #amazingcoralcoast #SeeAustralia A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on

Kalbarri sunsets.

A stunning Kalbarri sunset captured by @ytravelblog. Kalbarri (aka ‘Nature’s Playground’) is a great holiday destination, where rugged inland gorges, dramatic coastal cliffs and sensational beaches collide. #thisisWA #australiascoralcoast #naturesplayground #adventure

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On the Road to Monkey Mia…

Check out these beauties at Monkey Mia.

Any guesses as to why one of these dolphins is facing the other way in this photo? It was taken by @lousontour who recently visited #MonkeyMia in @australiascoralcoast. Located in the Shark Bay world heritage area, Monkey Mia is known for its daily dolphin interactions, with wild bottlenose dolphins usually visiting the shore up to three times a day. Visitors might get the opportunity to feed a dolphin, under the supervision of a national park ranger, but seeing them in their natural habitat from the shore or on a wildlife cruise will be more than enough to satisfy all nature lovers. #thisisWA #westernaustralia #amazingcoralcoast #sharkbay #dolphins #nature

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You’ll Fall in Love with Coral Bay…

Dive down to Ningaloo Reef.

By simply stepping off the white sand, you can enter an underwater wonderland at #NingalooReef in @australiascoralcoast. Here, @nutritionistsarahcoote felt like a mermaid while snorkelling with one of the resident sea turtles. Did you know that the Ningaloo Marine Park stretches more than 300 kilometres, from Bundegi Reef in the Exmouth Gulf and south to Red Bluff, located north of Carnarvon. #thisisWA #justanotherdayinWA #westernaustralia #amazingcoralcoast #SeeAustralia A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on

Meet some gentle giants.

Today we’re celebrating the world’s largest fish, the majestic whale shark. Did you know that #NingalooReef on @australiascoralcoast is considered one of the most reliable places on earth to interact with whale sharks? Growing up to 18 metres in length, the gentle giants of the ocean visit the pristine Ningaloo waters between March and July each year. Today is about raising awareness and promoting whale shark conservation efforts, to make sure these vulnerable marine animals will be visiting #Exmouth and #CoralBay for many more years to come. Happy #internationalwhalesharkday everyone! Photo credit: @whalesharkdive. #thisisWA #justanotherdayinWA #westernaustralia #amazingcoralcoast #SeeAustralia A photo posted by Western Australia (@westernaustralia) on


Final Day in Karijini National Park…

Get a feel for the outback.

Who’s ready to journey to the ‘center of the Earth’ through the steep and narrow Hancock Gorge to reach the emerald coloured Kermit’s Pool, located within Karijini National Park? Known as the jewel of the Pilbara in @australiasnorthwest, the #Karijini experience is an adventure more than two billion years in the making. Thanks for the great photo @lolo_84. #thisisWA #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #SeeAustralia

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Head Back to Perth

The sun sets on a fantastic trip through Western Australia.

Pretty as a picture. That’s Perth! @annaboulton93 captured the city through the trees, from Kings Park and Botanic Garden. One of the world’s largest inner city parks, #KingsPark is a ‘must do’ for locals and visitors all year round with picnic and barbecue areas, playgrounds, walks, concerts and movies just some of the things on offer. #thisisWA #westernaustralia #seeperth

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Keep your eyes peeled for Freedi and Kate’s adventure through Western Australia. If you want to plan your own Aussie adventure on the West Coast, then look no further.