Finding the time to travel when you have no time

Being a college student is busy busy busy. Between internships, summer classes, and part-time jobs it can be really hard to find the time (not to mention the money) to travel. However, there are a few ways you can fit affordable travel into your busy schedule!

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the perfect way to be productive and see the world at the same time. Universities often have study abroad fairs so you can search for trips by academic department or by area of the world. You can focus on completing certain classes or going to a specific place, depending on what you want to get out of your study abroad. Also, since study abroad programs are through the university, scholarships can often be applied to them. Study abroad offices usually give out scholarships that can make the price of a study abroad comparable to the price of a regular semester. Student travel grants and independent scholarships are also available to apply towards your study abroad.

Study abroad

College Ski Weeks and Spring Break Trips

Usually when you finally have the time to travel, prices are so jacked up that you can’t afford it! Signing up for a spring break or winter break package deal with some friends is a great way to get awesome rates (even compared to non-peak times). Package deals are perfect to travel to popular destinations with your friends when you are on a budget. Package deals also usually have really nice accommodations and sponsored parties. From personal experience, I would definitely recommend these package deals!

Ski breaks

International Internships

Although you sometimes have to pay for international internships, it can be an amazing way to get experience in your career field and see part of the world in depth. On weekends or days you don’t have work, you can go on short trips to see the surrounding area. Usually there are international internship and research programs offered through universities. BUNAC working adventures has a variety of work, internship, and volunteer abroad opportunities. You may also want to consider being an au pair.


Weekend Trips

Get your homework done early and take two days off! Go to a music festival that’s in the next town or take a road trip to a nearby campsite. Although you may not be able to “see the world”, visiting a new place that’s only a few hours away can be an awesome break.


If There’s a Will There’s a Way

Ultimately, it all boils down to if you really want to travel or not. If there’s a will there’s a way! Although summer classes, internships and part time jobs are important, it’s also important to make memories and live life. Find a balance! If you don’t get any breaks, you’ll quickly burn yourself out. Take a trip and enjoy yourself!

Authored by: Becca Whiteman – STA Travel Student Ambassador

Becca Whiteman is an STA Travel Student Ambassador and majoring in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She loves to swim, cook (eat), and travel. She also loves being out of her comfort zone while traveling because that’s when she has had the most memorable experiences!