The very best of Southern Italy!

 Italy has so much to offer a spirited traveler. But the South of Italy is just bursting with gorgeous coastlines and historical gems all begging to be explored! Don’t believe us? See it for yourself, here are a few ideas to get your travel bug going.

Ah Rome, no matter how many places you visit, none seem to compare to this immortal city. There’s just something about it that always leaves you wanting more, so of course it has to be top of the list! Around every corner there is another monument to marvel at, and plenty of food to keep your taste buds tickled. The best way to discover anything really. After a long trek around Palantine Hill stop by Gelateria La Dolce Vita and cool down with the best ice cream in Rome! Want to explore more? Check out our post of what to do with 24 hours in Rome.




‘Beach’ and ‘Party’ are two of the best words ever. Put them together and you have one awesome experience. If you’re looking to drink and dance with a breath taking sunset as your backdrop, then head over to Naples and check out Arenile di Bagnoli, the most popular club in Naples to listen to live music and dance barefoot in the sand. It’s easy to get to by train from Montesanto or Napels Central station and is within walking distance from Bagnoli. But what about when it’s time to rest your weary (and probably boozy) head? Hostel of the Sun is the perfect place to rest and recover with their free breakfast and air-con dorms for €20. This is a great place to meet other travelers and is within walking distance from all the museums and monuments, like Sansevero Chapel Museum.



Grab your Interrail pass and journey down to the Roman city of Pompeii. The haunting ruins of this ancient city will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed the city and buried it under ash for over 1000 years! Get your exploring shoes on and indulge your curious side as you walk the historic streets and get a glimpse of what 1st century life was like. Why not take a hike? No really, you can actually hike up Mount Vesuvius and get up-close and personal with the volcano that created a time capsule out of a whole city! Experience the spectacular views for €10, just don’t forget your water bottle!



The best things come in small packages, and this Island is so tiny it’s no wonder you missed it! Ustica is one of the most beautiful islands in Italy and the perfect place for snorkeling! Grab your goggles and explore the life under the sea. On such a small island there are only a few hotels, which means they book up fast. Not to worry, most travelers tend to stay nearby in Palermo, Sicily. There are plenty of hostels and hotels to choose from, like A Casa di Amici a cool and quirky hostel right by the port for €18. Hop on a ferry for around €16 and enjoy all that this little volcanic island has to offer! Swim, snorkel, sunbathe and return that evening ready for a well-earned drink.

Molto bene! Southern Italy sounds fantastic, we’re packing our bags and heading south this summer