What we can all learn from Home Alone 1 & 2

Some say Home Alone 1 and 2 are the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIES, EVER! (We’ll ignore 3 & 4, obviously!) It’s a festive comedy masterpiece, but what else can we learn from it? The answer is, surprisingly a lot…

Getting lost in a new country is a massive ADVENTURE


It may be a little scary at times, but being out of your comfort zone makes the most amazing stories AND memories that will last a life time.

Travel = New, unforgettable FRIENDS

home-alone2On your journey, you’ll meet tons of weird and wonderful people AND you’ll make the most unlikeliest of friendships.
Take Kevin and the ‘pigeon lady’ for example… That friendship would never have blossomed without Kevin venturing out and about!

Staying in is dangerous



You’ll go crazy with FOMO! So just get out there and have fun!

Before your adventure starts, you may be nervous…


But travel will make you much more CONFIDENT



You will see some jaw dropping SIGHTS



You’ll witness it all… The good, the bad and the ugly. But sight-seeing is what it’s all about!

You gain a sense of responsibility



Kevin really steps up. He guards his home from burglars, faces up to the terrifying washing machine AND buys a new toothbrush.
When the parents aren’t there, responsibility is in your hands. Kevin is proof, that YOU CAN DO IT!

Appreciating your loved oneshome-alone8


Obviously when away, it’s hard not to miss your loved ones. Being far apart makes you realise how special they are. But it’s part of growing up AND it’s a great feeling when you are reunited!

Home Alone really teaches us who loves an adventure…


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