Why it’s so important to do MORE of what you love!

New Year’s resolutions:

1. Stop eating this…
2. Lose weight…
3. Give up that…

Don’t stop, START.

New year’s resolutions shouldn’t be about giving things up, that’s just an evil ploy to make you feel bad about yourself, don’t fall into the trap! They should be about doing MORE, starting new things, having fun and falling in love with life again.

You can’t start every year by giving up, life’s too short for that! So here’s why you should do more of what you love…

Resolution #1: Yoga more

OK so we don’t necessarily mean become a yoga pro. But what we’re trying to say is love your body more without going crazy or beating yourself up because you haven’t lost 5 pounds. Meditate on the beach, in the park, on a mountain top, in a temple, up a tree, try it! Who cares if you can’t downward dog. Your body will thank you for it and you won’t feel like you’ve just punished yourself in a sweaty gym. Even if you just try it once.

Resolution #2: Eat more

Feast yourselves! Don’t stop eating all of the delicious food this world has to offer, that will just make you grumpy. Eat what you love and stop beating yourself up about it. Stay as healthy as you can of course, but enjoy yourselves! Try something new on the menu that you can’t pronounce, different flavors, taste street food, eat something spicy or go for the vegetarian option, do a cooking class, learn to make your favorite Thai green curry and eat the whole thing! Eat, eat, EAT.

Resolution #3: Chill more

Hammock time
Relax. Make time for yourself and chill more. After you’ve tried your hand at yoga and feasted on deliciousness, lie back in your hammock and snooze in the sunshine. Why not take a good book to bed, turn your phone off and fall asleep with heavy eyes or float on a pool lounger with your legs dipping in the cool water and nap away? Take some time to chill, reflect on things and relax. Life is too short for stressing.

Resolution #4: See more

Great Wall of China
See more. See the world that’s out there waiting for you. Like the ancient Asian proverb says ‘It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times’. Go see Machu Picchu for yourself, climb the Great Wall of China, check out Sydney Opera House, visit the Grand Canyon, don’t just sit and look through other people’s Facebook photos. Seeing the world doesn’t have to cost the world. Book that trip you’ve been talking about forever, worry about saving for a house later!

Resolution #5: Have MORE fun!

Seeing more goes hand in hand with doing more and having more FUN! You have the power to make 2017 the year of fun;┬áso try new experiences, go white water rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping. But wait, having more fun doesn’t have to mean going crazy! Even if it’s just sharing drinks in the hostel kitchen or saying hi to someone new, little things can make a surprisingly big difference! Getting to know people from all over the world is so much fun and that is what life is all about. Why not make ‘fun’ your number one resolution this year?

Give some time back to yourself and do more of what YOU love in 2017. Don’t start the year by giving up, start the adventure instead!