The REAL benefits of traveling

Why travel? Your sofa is comfy and you can see everything via YouTube, right?
Yes, BUT we want ADVENTURE and EXPERIENCE… and other magical benefits, such as…

Friends for life

Trust us, no matter how weird you may think you are, you will 100{1e29904c885515873022ed5b62c6c7d923686363a219a3c356dc5ccea4ad6161} find people on your travels that you just click with. It’s a great feeling when you realise that you have so much in common with a person from a distant land! Those amazing travel memories you share will connect you for life!

Sofa’s to crash on

So now you’ve made international friends, it would be rude not to visit and crash on their sofa. Travelling will probably lead to more travelling, but with the massive benefit of FREE accommodation AND a FREE tour guide… Winner!

Independence upgrade

“Throw your hands up at mehh!” Yes, you will become an independent Woman/Man! When the parents aren’t around, it’s time to step up. But do not be scared of the challenge, because you will 100{1e29904c885515873022ed5b62c6c7d923686363a219a3c356dc5ccea4ad6161} rise to it! (Cue inspirational fist clench)

New found confidence

You’ve made a ton of new international friends, you’ve splashed in amazing waterfalls, you’ve skipped over a rope of fire AND you could probably now out drink that guy who never leaves Wetherspoons. Don’t brag too much, but you’re bound to feel more confident after such an amazing experience.


Unforgettable memories

‘Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’ Life is all about making happy, funny, ridiculous memories to look back on, and anyone that’s been will tell you that you’ll gain so many special memories on your travels. Sometimes it’s hard not to shut up about them!

More employable

Suprising benefit, huh? But it’s so true! Potential recruiters will love the fact that you have had the independence and confidence to experience different parts of the world. Plus, it shows great drive, life experience and it will massively improve your inter-personal skills. (So go get that paper/money. Then travel again. Then repeat!)


If you should choose to jump out of a plane (skydive), you are BRAVE. Sharing a 6 bed hostel dorm room is also somewhat brave when you think about it! But just going, stepping out of your comfort zone to experience bigger, better things… BRAVE. (And wise!)

Hilarious stories

Take a journal if you can and prepare for A LOT of funny stories. Putting yourself out there more, meeting new people everyday, seeing new things = Loads more opportunity for lols!

So what are you waiting for? There’s little to lose and so much to gain. What adventure do you fancy next? Check out our cheap flight deals here