10 “Doctor Who” filming locations you can actually visit in Great Britain

You don’t need a TARDIS to see where some of your favorite episodes of BBC television show Doctor Who were filmed. So grab your sonic screwdrivers and let’s take a tour…

Trafalgar Square

According to the Fourth Doctor, a good protest always ends up in Trafalgar Square. This London location is no stranger to the show and has featured many times since its first appearance in 1964. For the 50th anniversary, fans gathered on the square to watch Matt Smith film scenes where he hung from underneath the TARDIS which was hoisted into the air by a huge crane. Luckily, the Time Lord made it back safely to Earth.

Madame Tussauds

Avid fans may remember the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw’s trip to the waxwork museum back in 1970. More recently, Madame Tussauds was used in an episode in 2012 where the Eleventh Doctor was thrown out for drawing on a waxwork of Guy Fawkes.

London Eye

This giant ferris wheel can be seen in several episodes. Remember when the Ninth Doctor and Rose discovered that the Nestene Consciousness used the London Eye as a transmitter to activate its Autons?

Westminster Bridge

Knowledgeable fans will know that Westminster Bridge is not only a London landmark, but also a piece of music featured on the official soundtrack for the revived first and second series in 2006. In 2011, four Daleks crossed Westminster Bridge to re-enact the classic scene from the 1964 episode ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’.

Battersea Power Station

Dominating the London skyline, Battersea’s iconic power station has been the focus of a few Doctor Who episodes.  It first appeared in the episode ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ in 1964. It appeared again in the 2006 episode ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ as the base to which people are drawn to be converted into Cybermen.

St Paul’s Cathedral

During a tour of London, the Eleventh Doctor visited St Paul’s Cathedral, where he got thrown out of the Whispering Gallery for shouting. The Doctor is gaining quite the reputation of getting chucked out of several London landmarks…

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Potentially one of our favorite episodes of all time, William Shakespeare himself appears in the episode of ‘The Shakespeare Code’ (a nod to The Da Vinci Code). The Tenth Doctor (Mr. David Tennant!) takes Martha on her first trip in the TARDIS. Arriving in Elizabethan England, they meet Mr Shakespeare, who is writing his play ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’. However, the evil Carrionites plot to end the world by placing a code in the play’s closing dialogue. Haven’t seen this one? Stop reading and go watch it now.


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Earl’s Court Station is probably the last place you’d expect to find the Doctor’s TARDIS. How did it even get here? No one knows, but it does make a very cool photo opportunity. Question is, will you opt for wearing a Tom Baker style striped scarf or a Matt Smith like bow tie?

To get to the Earl’s Court Police Call Box, take the London Underground to Earl’s Court Station, using a District Line train then follow the exit to Earl’s Court Road. The ‘TARDIS’ can be found just outside the entrance to the station.

Doctor Who Walking Tour of London

See even more locations with a Doctor Who walking tour of London. You could even dress up if you want to take photos at iconic filming locations.

Take a trip to Wales

Most of the filming takes place in Cardiff in Wales. Take a day trip and see many of the sites where the current series is being filmed along with the Doctor Who Experience, the BBC’s very own fun attraction. Be quick though, because it closes this Summer!

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