The UK’s top Harry Potter filming locations

If you’re still suffering from PPD (that’s Post Potter Depression to you mere muggles) years after the final book and film came out, then fear not! From London’s iconic King’s Cross station to the great wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, we’ll have you wanting to visit faster than you can say “Wingardium Leviosa”.

So just sit back, relax and grab a butterbeer ….

1. Australia House, Strand London

Although not open to the public, the exhibition hall of Australia House (home of the Australian Embassy in London) is one of the less obvious but still significant film locations for the Harry Potter films, and is where the interior shots of the only wizarding bank Gringotts were shot.

Legend has it that hidden beneath the depths of the basement of Australia House, is a holy well of sacred water dating back about 900 years! #factoftheday

(Hmm… we wonder if the head goblin ever took a sip?).

2. Christ Church, Oxford University

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In the hallowed colleges of Oxford University, you’ll find the original inspiration for The Great Hall, later replicated at the Warner Bros. studios. The sixteenth century staircase was also used in the first two Harry Potter films.

3. Alnwick Castle, Alnwick

Also used for the first two Harry Potter films, Alnwick Castle is most recognised for the broomstick training scene in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

If you fancy paying a visit and showing Ron how it’s done, the castle is hosting an ‘on location’ tour free of charge between 31st March – 29 October 2017. Broomstick training also takes place at £35 per class (yes, really).

4. Millennium Bridge, London

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Remember that creepy scene with the Death Eater attack over the Millennium Bridge? That very same bridge is the one that was used for the films, most noticeably in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Note: No Death Eaters were harmed in the making of this scene, sadly.

5. Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden

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If you haven’t been on the studio tour…where have you been and why on earth haven’t you booked your ticket yet!? Since 2012, the Warner Bros. Studio tour has been open to the public, and is a definite must-see for any fan of the Potter universe.

So you know that replica of the famous Great Hall we told you about? Here’s where you’ll find one of the very first sets built for the films back in September 2000. On the tour you’ll also get to experience everything you fell in love with watching the films, including a chance to hop on a broomstick or try the famous Butterbeer. (A tip, which isn’t really a tip but just common sense, book at least two months in advance of your intended visiting date – these tickets sell out fast!)

6. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Lochaber Scotland

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Let’s cast our minds back to the Chamber of Secrets, and that iconic scene where Harry and Ron fly the blue Ford Anglia over the Hogwarts Express train before crashing it into the Whomping Willow. Well, this is the railway viaduct that was used for the external shots in the film.

7. Platform 9 ¾, King’s Cross Station, London

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Ahh, you didn’t think we’d leave this one out did you? It’s one of the most popular settings and is used in every one of the films. Platform 9 ¾ sets the scene for Hogwarts’ students to board the iconic Hogwarts Express train. Young wizards can pay a visit to the luggage trolley located inside King’s Cross Station for the ultimate photo and Instagram snap. The newly opened Harry Potter Shop is also conveniently located next door!

Seeing as us muggles can’t function a broomstick as a flying device, you best check out our flight deals so you can see these sights for yourself!