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Dos and Don’ts of Spring Break

Beer, hook-ups and outrageous neon outfits. It’s the week we’ve been waiting for all year, Spraaaang Break. Before you start damaging your liver with tequila, let’s go over a few dos and don’ts.

DO NOT: Wear a wifebeater

You’re not joining the cast of Jersey Shore. Take it off or leave it under the shirt.

DO NOT: Hook up with your bestie

Ahhh, that classic romantic story. Boy meets girl, boy becomes best friend with girl, boy and girl do sambuca shots and then have a quickie in the bathroom of Café Mambo in Cancun and never look each other in the eyes ever again. We’ve all been there, one beer too many and suddenly you’re looking at your best friend in a whole new light. They’re walking towards you in slow motion and ‘She’s Like the Wind’ is playing in your head. Calm down Romeo. She isn’t your Juliet!


DO: Bring extra clothing

You’d be surprised where you can sweat from when you’re in the blasting heat of Cancun.


DO NOT: Get your hair braided

Is your name Snoop Dogg? No. Then just don’t even go there. Even the ridiculously handsome James Franco couldn’t pull off the look.


DO NOT: Get involved with the wet t-shirt competition

It’s only going to attract the wrong kind of attention, like from your aunt on Facebook when the videos get posted. She leaves a comment on EVERYTHING you post, but this time you’ve left her speechless. She still gave it a like though.


DO: Leave expensive stuff behind

Yes, you look good in your Raybans, but if you lost them in some random bar in the Gulf of Mexico you’d totally kill the vibe when you start crying about it. No one can tell the difference between the real and the fake anyway.


DO NOT: Fall in a cactus

It’s prickly. ‘Nuff said.


DO: Ask permission before tagging your friend’s most embarrassing moment

They aren’t ALL Kodak moments, and your bestie might not be as excited to relive her digestive pyrotechnics on the booze cruise later online.
DO NOT: Act like you’re in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens on Spring Break, well, doesn’t stay on Spring Break.


What are your Spring Break dos and don’ts? Comment below! Also, if you’re looking for some Spring Break inspiration – head to our page!