Part 2 with #TasteofTaiwan winner, Godwin Polendey

Following up on the first interview with our #TasteOfTaiwan winner, Godwin Polendey (see here, in case you missed it!) check out everything Godwin had to say about his time in Taiwan, participating in some epic tours from MyTaiwanTour and soaking up all that Taiwan has to offer.

1. What was your itinerary like, and what places did you hit up?

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We took a nice gondola ride to Maokong mountain where we had a history lesson on the process of making tea. We also got to taste different types of tea and visited a tea plantation carved on the side of a mountain. From there, we headed to the east coast of Taiwan, to visit the majestic landscapes of Taroko National Park. Next, we visited Datong District, an old district of Taipei, to try some local delicacies such as Zungzi (sticky rice), mango shaved ice, Taiwanese bitter tea, and lots of other delicacies! To top it off, we also drove to the northern coast of Taiwan to witness the cool rock formations of Yehliu Geopark.

2. What have you found is the best thing about the culture in Taiwan?

The people make Taiwan a great destination. The Taiwanese people are incredibly friendly and accommodating. While there was an apparent language barrier, it was never an issue. Small gestures such as waving or smiling went a long way. From the very beginning I could feel the hospitality, friendship, and willingness to help from the locals.

3. What was something totally unexpected that you saw/experienced in Taiwan?

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I always felt safe! Safety is always a top priority for me whenever I’m traveling. The people are honest and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of just because I was a foreigner.

4. What was your favorite place to see, and capture content from?

My favorite place had to be the east side of the island, particularly Taroko National Park. This place gives a stark contrast to the busy city life of Taipei. It had stunning views of the limestone mountains and coral blue ocean. It also had great trails. If you love hiking and are a nature lover, then this place should be on your bucket list!

5. Any recommendations for future travelers going to Taiwan?

For people who want to visit Taiwan, I suggest being open to anything. Try every food that you see, talk to the locals, and walk through the small alleys. It’s a totally different culture in Taiwan, and by talking and walking around where locals work and live, you get a little bit more of what the culture is about.

6. Describe Taiwan in one word, or a short phrase.

Taiwan is an island of unexpected. Taiwan isn’t really a first-choice destination for tourists but it has good balance between nature, modernity, culture and traditions, something that more popular Asian destinations like China and Japan are known for.

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