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5 Reasons why you need to visit Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry

A country music festival every night? Yes, please! If you haven’t heard of this iconic home of country music, girl where have you been?! Avery Hannon, our Vanderbilt Student Ambassador (and Nashville native), is here to bring your 5 reasons why you NEED to visit this icon. Follow her adventures on Instagram @styledbyavery.



The show itself

The Opry show is unforgettable. Prepare for chills the moment the red curtain opens and a night of dancing and singing (who cares if you don’t know the words). If you’re not a country fan going in, you will be when you leave! On any given night, you will hear not one, not two, but around EIGHT different artists from country music legends to up and coming artists.


You get to be famous for a night

This live radio show started way back in 1925, we’re talking about the age of flappers, people. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of five-minutes of fame, scream “Hi, mom” loud enough and she just might hear you… Catch the show before you go on WSM, Sirius XM, or on the Opry app, so there is NO excuse not to hear what it’s all about.


Every night brings another surprise

You never know what may happen at the Opry. Get ready for surprise appearances and duet combos more shocking than the Ed Sheeran and queen Beyonce collab. Previous #oprymoments include Garth Brooks rocking up on stage, Dolly Parton surprising Reba on stage, Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood joining forces for a killer duet, and the lists goes on… (and on and on.

Standing on country music history

Quick history lesson for ya. The circle is a piece of flooring cut from the Opry’s previous home, The Ryman Auditorium. Every artist who plays on the Opry stands in the circle, literally in the footsteps of every country music legend before them. Everyone from Patsy Cline to Carrie Underwood has stood on this sacred piece of country music history.


Backstage experience at The Opry

But wait, there’s more! You can be the ultimate Opry VIP and go behind the red curtain. Going backstage at The Opry is like entering the living room of a family’s home. All of the artists keep their dressing room doors wide open so they can all catch up. Sometimes even artists who aren’t performing will hang out just to be a part of it, so you just never know who you might run into in the halls…


For country music, there is truly no place like home. So when are you rocking and rolling? Grab your tickets to the Grand Ole Opry here! Check out Nashville for a city break or add it to your road trip route. Bonus: Looking for the best food while you’re there? Check out our top places to eat in Nashville in each neighborhood