7 Must-See Cultural Gems in Taipei

With more than 15,000 temples across the country, you could spend a whole year visiting each one. But to make the most of your vacation time (so you still have plenty of time to eat delicious street food and sample locally-grown tea in authentic teahouses), we’re on hand to show you our top 7 cultural gems you can’t miss in Taipei. See the list below and share some of your favorites with us!

1. Sanxia District

Take a trip back in time to Taiwan’s founding by heading to Sanxia old street. Wander in between red brick buildings and alleyways, historical shops, and tea houses. With so much to see, try exploring this area on bike!

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今天開始騎腳踏車去台中。中午時,我在三峽老街聽了吃飯走一走。三峽老街是日本唸書的街,一百年完全沒改變。我吃了一個三峽牛角麵包,然後去看很漂亮,仔細蓋的清水祖師廟。離開以前,在一個小牛肉麵店吃了午餐。First stop on my four day bike tour of the West coast of Taiwan is Sanxia Old Street, a well-preserved example of Japanese architecture from the early 20th Century colonial period. I had to try Sanxia’s famous Taiwanese crumbly croissant (“cow’s horn bread”), then walked down the street and checked out the Zushi Temple, considered the most intricately carved temple in Taiwan. Before heading back out on the road, I grabbed some beef noodle soup for lunch. For anyone headed down this way, definitely worth a short stop at this little place frozen in history. ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sanxia#sanxiaoldstreet#zushitemple#cowhornbread#taiwanesecroissant#croissant#cycling#giantbicycles#roadtrip#taiwan#newtaipeicity#xinbei#taiwaneats#taipeieats#taiwanfood#三峽#三峽老街#清水祖師廟#牛角麵包#台灣#台北#新北#台灣美食#discovertaiwan

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2. Longshan Temple – Buddhist Temple

The best times to visit Longshan are around 6am, 8am and 5pm when crowds of worshippers gather and begin to chant. Longshan is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of mercy, Guanyin, though in true Taiwanese style there are over 100 other gods and goddesses worshipped in the rear and side halls.

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3. Jiufen

Looking to get a close up of Taiwanese culture and history, but need a break from the city? Just one hour away with public transit, Jiufen is your spot. Known for resembling setting of the animation Spirited Away, here you’ll walk among cobblestone walkways and engage with moving history, retro cafes, tea houses, shops and ocean views. What more could you ask for?

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Finally got to see this place! So beautiful! #taiwan #photo #jiufen #taipei #spiritedaway #teahouse #solotravels #traveller #explore #beautifulscenery #mountainviews

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4. Bao’an Temple – Taoist Temple

From Feng Shui on the front lawn, to stone carved lions and dragons painted on the walls – this temple is a must for your Taipei bucket list.
Visit between April and June so that you can attend the free cultural festival with firecrackers, the fire walking rituals and try some amazing food (yes please!)

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5. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Get your art on at Taipei’s creative hub. Here you’ll find art exhibits, fashion shows, film shootings, award ceremonies, shopping and more…Located on the grounds of a former tobacco factory, taking in the contemporary aesthetic here is a must.

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Cheers to the fluorescent yellow food and fun memories. 🤗 Till next time! #colorgallery #色廊展 #songshanculturalpark #taiwan #visittaipei

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6. Confucius Temple – Confucian Temple

You would be hard pressed to visit Taiwan and not see Confucius (China’s most esteemed teacher and philosopher FYI) somewhere. This temple is one for the modern ages because it’s (wait for it),  interactive. You heard us right! Try free Confucius-themed shows in a 4D cinema for size. Want more? Come at the end of September and you can celebrate his birthday!

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The most famous Confucius temple in Taipei. . . . #instagay #foodie #taipei #travel #temple #confucius

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7. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Interested in learning about Taiwanese history, but want to spend some time outside? Head to the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. This national monument was built in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the Republic of China. Here, you have the chance to witness the hourly changing of the guard, stroll among beautiful gardens and marvel at Taiwan’s amazing history. Best part? The museum is free! Sign us up!

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So, are you feeling those Taiwanderlust vibes yet? Let’s go! Or, check out more trips you can take in Taipei and beyond.