North America
By Emma Neely

Save Room for Desert: The Top 10 Southwest National Parks

Today’s post is brought to you by Emma Neely, a Michigan State Alum and our newest Marketing Executive. Emma is well traveled having been to…

By Laura Caveney

The Big Five of Africa

Going to Africa? Your first thought is probably safari, right? What a dream to roam the Savannah plains in your jeep looking for the big…

By Georgie May Birch

The best of British food

Let us let you in on some of Britain’s finest and traditional culinary creations.

By Georgie May Birch

Oxford vs Cambridge – A tale of two cities

So here’s the deal. They’re both great at punting (think Venetian gondolas without the stripy tees), they both have chess sets dedicated to them and they’re both around 60 miles from London. But which to choose…

By Kim Durbridge

17 foods you’ll want to dive face first into in Thailand

Pad kra pao, tongue-tingling green curry, drunken noodles and pancakes on every corner. It’s official: Thailand is the best foodie destination in the world!

By Georgie May Birch

London’s best of the brunch

We’ve rounded up our ‘best of the brunch’ in London to suit any occasion

By Rachael Porter

Top 6 Things to Do in Adelaide

The South Australian capital isn’t immediately thought of when it comes to backpackers – it’s often a city that’s visited on a trip to the…

By Rachael Porter

How much do you need to travel Australia for 1 month?

Here at STA Travel we pride ourselves on the fact we “know because we go”, so instead of giving you a generic post about spending…

By Claire Louise Sheridan

#EatTheRainbow: Colorful food from around the world

Not just an instagram trend, bright foods have been staples in many countries for years.

By Jemma Wilson

2018’s trending destinations

New year, new you and new countries to tick off the list! With data from our customers and our own sense of wanderlust driving us…