By Rachael Doyle

10 traveling pets of Instagram you need to follow

It’s a tough time for us travel-loving humans. As more and more countries close their borders and go into lockdown in a bid to help…

By Hannah Jeffery

It’s our 40th! Join us on a trip down memory lane…

It’s our 40th birthday – check out these memories from the STA Travel vault. It was all about the student fares and flares (and inappropriate sales posters).

By Rachael Porter

Solo female travel stories from across the globe

Ever since 1911, the world has celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th March. It may be 2019 (and we can celebrate women all day every day, k?) but we’re not going to pass up an opportunity to talk about how amazing they are. In the spirit of IWD, we asked female employees across STA Travel to send us their favourite solo travel story.

Latin America
By Emma Mitra

Rio Carnival Survival Guide

The streets are alive with the sounds of samba, the smells of caiprinhas and barbequed meat. Everywhere you look you see vibrant colours, feathers and quite a few sequins. It can only be the Rio Carnival, the world’s most famous celebration.

By Hannah Jeffery

Your 2019 travel horoscope

Ever wondered why you’re compatible with certain travel companions, or are drawn to seemingly random destinations? It’s all in the stars…

By Claire Louise Sheridan

Eating vegetarian or vegan while traveling Western Europe

Veganuary got you hook-line-and-sinkered? Well, eating vegan or veggie has gotten waaaay easier on the road, so you’re in luck.

By Claire Louise Sheridan

Eating vegetarian or vegan while traveling the UK

Whether you’re kick-starting the year with a meat-free resolution or you’ve been a veggie for years, traveling doesn’t need to be difficult. The UK is really easy to get around when living that vegan or veggie life. Claire Sheridan from Happy Cow is here to give us the low-down.

By Emma Neely

#EatYourWaytoThailand Competition Winner

Pad Thai, mango sticky rice and curries served up in coconuts… Sounds pretty freakin’ delicious, right?   Last month we offered up a tasty prize for one of you food…

By Georgie May Birch

Why you need to go on a festival tour this summer

We are back on the road this year with Beats Travel and a killer lineup of worldwide festivals and music tours.

By Laura Caveney

15 unique places you NEED to stay in

Have you ever… Slept sky-high in a crane, stayed nestled amongst the rain forest canopy or maybe you’d rather be closer to the floor in an…