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How to Travel for Cheap in Europe

Many people love to travel to Europe, but from the exchange rate to the cost of airfare making things affordable while away can be a…

By Tristan Davis

The Ultimate Bucket-List of Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Tristan Davis is in his senior year at New York University where he studies Politics, Human Rights, and Middle Eastern/Islamic studies. Tristan spent 3 months…

By Emma Neely

Prague: The Ultimate Guide

Raylin Pellatt (@rayy_baybay), is a major travel enthusiast having visited over twenty four countries (and counting)!. Having recently graduated from Michigan State last year, she’s…

By Rachael Porter

A local’s guide to London

Another installment of our ‘Local Insider Series’ – this time bringing good ol’ London into the limelight. Emma Beynon, Marketing Manager for BUNAC is a born and bred Londoner, and wanted to give us the goss on where’s hot in town nowadays. And she doesn’t just talk about east London.

Middle East
By STA Travel

Exploring Northern Jordan

Recently having explored the lesser-traveled Western Asia while studying Arabic, Tristan Davis has put together a list of his must-sees if you’re going to the area yourself. 

By Rachael Porter

A local’s guide to Adelaide

As part of our ‘Local Insider Series’ we asked Kate Beveridge, one of our Travel Experts down in Adelaide, to tell us everything we need to know about this little slice of Australia. Step out of the shadows Adelaide… it’s your time to shine!

By STA Travel

20 travel tips for visiting India

I’m Tristan, self-confessed globetrotter, Instagrammer and chaser of exciting cultural experiences. My two trips to India covered 2 months, cumulatively, so check out my list of top 20 tips for your first visit to India!

By Rachael Porter

What to do in Ireland: a month by month itinerary

Gwen Jones, our creative brochure manager, studied in Ireland ; so who better to tell us where to shove our stereotypes and take a ‘proper’ trip to Ireland than someone who lived and breathed the fresh (and slightly chilly) Irish air?

By Rachael Porter

Solo female travel stories from across the globe

Ever since 1911, the world has celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th March. It may be 2019 (and we can celebrate women all day every day, k?) but we’re not going to pass up an opportunity to talk about how amazing they are. In the spirit of IWD, we asked female employees across STA Travel to send us their favourite solo travel story.

Latin America
By Emma Mitra

Rio Carnival Survival Guide

The streets are alive with the sounds of samba, the smells of caiprinhas and barbequed meat. Everywhere you look you see vibrant colours, feathers and quite a few sequins. It can only be the Rio Carnival, the world’s most famous celebration.