By Henry Wilkinson

Your guide to Oz Experience

Australia: vibrant cities, sunny beaches, incredible wildlife. All of this you could see you on your future travels, but how?! With an Oz Experience of…

By Emma Neely

Must-try European Christmas Market Food

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our US Marketing Executive, Emma Neely, who’s fresh off a Contiki Christmas market tour of Europe! She’s…

By Emma Neely

Put Bucharest on your List

Today’s blog comes from Tristan Davis, an STA Travel Student Ambassador at New York University (NYU) and an avid budget backpacker! He shares his tips on what…

By Laura Caveney

#TasteofTaiwan Competition Winner

Night markets, the epic Taipei 101 and the delicious dumplings (move over Shanghai, there’s a new dumpling king in town!), sounds like a pretty epic…

By STA Travel

7 tips to seeing your host country from a local perspective

Guest Post Contributed By: Sophia Richards See your host country through a local’s eye! Avoid exploiting and objectifying a country for its rare cultural practices…

By Jemma Wilson

A Christmas in Bali

I’m Jemma, one of STA Travel’s Digital Exec’s, email machine and serious Bali beach-bum… It is quickly approaching the two-year mark now since I spent…

By STA Travel

Interview with #ThankfulForTravel Winner, Andrew Garcia!

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to travel this year. From San Francisco to Barcelona, to New York all the way home to…

By STA Travel

One Week in the Mother-City

Today’s post is brought to you by Emma Neely, a recent Michigan State grad and previously an STA Travel Student Ambassador. Earlier this summer, Emma…

By Georgie May Birch

6 things I learned from studying abroad

So why study abroad? It can be expensive, you’ll have to start your social status from the bottom and how will you deal with the…

North America
By Dane Windley

Discovering my great great granddad’s infamous NYC history

Today’s blog was written by STA Travel’s very own Social Media wizz and self-professed genealogy geek, Dana Windley. This is the story of how he…